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Welcome to the Campbell Area (South) Band Program!

Here you will find information about how the Campbell Area (South) Band program works! If at any point you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact band directors Katherine Anderson at and/or Travis Wilkinson at
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what is band and how does it work?

Band is offered throughout Regina Public Schools as an optional extra class offered during school time as a pull-out class. Students will learn to play an instrument, and participate in a group music ensemble. Band is a co-curricular class. Skills that are developed in band add to the skills they are already learning in their regular classes, and support both literacy and numeracy outcomes.

Students leave their regular class twice a week for band: one 45 minute small group lesson at their home school and one full band rehearsal at Campbell with band students in the same grade. Our area includes Grant Road School, Dr. A. E. Perry, Marion McVeety and Massey schools.

Other Events and Concerts

In an normal year, students participate in the following along with their regular band classes:

1.Headstart clinic (This year planned for Sept. 25 and Sept. 26. This is where specialists work with students in small groups.

2. Two Parent Concerts (This year scheduled for Dec.7 and May 6.)

3. A school tour (during school day)

4. Participation in the Optimist Festival - March TBA.

why join band?

  • To nurture your natural musical ability. Playing an instrument is a lifelong avenue for creativity and self-expression that adds a richness to the quality of life!

  • To learn transferable life skills like self-discipline, responsibility, organization, and cooperation.

  • To be a part of something! Band is a positive place to ‘belong’. Like sports teams, band instills the values of ‘teamwork’ and ‘responsibility to the team’, and it’s a great place to meet new friends!

  • To get smarter! Playing an instrument, especially in an ensemble, engages your brain in a new and different way.

  • To open the door for new opportunities! Band is a positive activity that can help your child transition to high school and beyond. There are so many opportunities waiting for those who stick with it!

  • Because it’s fun!

who can join band?

All Grade 6-8 students are welcome to join band! In fact, we would absolutely love to have every student join our program!! No prior music experience is required, everyone is welcome!

what instrument should i play?

In Grade 6 we start on the following instruments: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion.
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If your child is in Grade 5:

Normally in June, we meet with all of the Grade 5 students to do instrument trials with them to determine which instrument is the best fit for them. Not every instrument suits every student, therefore, we go through the process of narrowing down what they may be successful at.

Because this is such a different year, we cannot go through this typical process. Instead we are inviting Grade 5 students to fill in the form below. This will help us see any logistical issues with the student's first choice of instrument. If we see an issue, we will let you know. It will help us plan if we know that you are joining the band program, and the instrument you would like to play next year.

Grade 5 Students:

If you are in grade 5, please fill out this form. Although we cannot have you try instruments we can alert families to potential logistical problems. These questions help us determine if your instrument choice is practical for your home, and if not, alert you to some of the potential problems.

If your child is in grade 6 or 7 and has never been in band before:

You can still join band! Please send us an email and we can discuss your options.

how do i get an instrument?

If your child is playing flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or percussion:

There are several options to consider when finding an instrument. As you consider these options, please note that the success of your child is directly related to a properly working instrument.

1. Buying new or used from a music store or privately.

2. Renting from a music store.

3. Renting from the school. The school division owns tubas, euphoniums (baritones), bass clarinets and French horns. If your child has been chosen to play one of these instruments, please make sure the school rental form is filled out so that there will be an instrument reserved for your child.

4. You may have access to an instrument by some other means such as a friend, relative, or find something in a newspaper advertisement. Please make sure the quality of the instrument is checked so that your child will have a successful experience. We would be happy to consult with you.

An instrument can be rented or purchased from either of our local music stores, St. Johns Music and Long and McQuade Music (see brochures below).

If you have contacted your music store of choice and find you are unable to cover the cost of an instrument rental at this time, please contact us about our financial assistance program. We would like to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in band regardless of financial circumstances!

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If your child is playing french horn, euphonium, or tuba:

Because they are a higher cost to rent from the local music stores, these instruments are available to rent through the school board. Please complete an Instrument Loan form and return it prior to your child’s first band class. The $150 rental fee can be paid on your school account. This fee is due by October 31st. After October 31st, no refund will be issued if a student discontinues band. (Dates may change due to current circumstances!)

Grade 6 students will receive an instrument at the Headstart Clinic in the Fall.

Grade 7 & 8 students will receive an instrument at their first band class.

Dates will be communicated when they have been set.

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how much does band cost?

There are some fees that are associated with band. The following fees will be added by your in-school administrator to your online school account (unless you have informed us that you require equity funding) and can be paid online or with cash or cheque written out to your home school. September is a busy time and fees may not appear until the end of September or possibly October. Fees are currently due by October 31st and are non-refundable after October 31st. I can see this changing this year in light of present circumstances.

Instrument Rental Fee:

$150 per year. Only applicable to students renting an instrument (french horns, euphoniums, tubas) from Regina Public Schools.

Transportation Fee:

There is an $80 transportation fee which covers busing to our full band rehearsals for the entire school year. This does not apply to students to attend Massey since Massey students walk to Campbell and are not bused.

Band Uniform T-shirts Shirts:

All band students will need a uniform t-shirt to wear for special events. The shirts are $15 and can be paid on your child’s online school account.

Method Book:

We use a method book called Traditions of Excellence Book 1. It is available at St. John's Music and at Long & McQuade. It costs around $15.


Clarinets and Saxophones require reeds and cork grease, and brass instruments require valve oil or slide lubricant for trombone, and slide grease.

supplies you will need:

The Method Book: Traditions of Excellence Book 1 (Instrument Specific)

These can be purchased at St. John’s Music or Long and McQuade.

Flutes, Clarinets, and Saxophones will need a cleaning cloth. There should be one included with the instrument if you are buying or renting. Please let us know if it is missing and we can supply one.

Clarinets and Saxophones: Reeds

These instruments require reeds throughout the year to be played. We recommend 2.5 strength reeds to begin with, and strength 3 for second or third year players. When cared for properly, students will typically use 1-2 reeds per month. There are different brands available at St. John’s Music or Long and McQuade. At this level we recommend Rico Reeds like these:

Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium, and Tuba: Valve Oil

You will need to have a regular supply of valve oil for the school year. One bottle should last the whole year if not longer. Instrument rentals should include a bottle, but please check to make sure you have one.

You DO NOT need specialized cleaning kits to accompany your instrument.

Trombone: Slide Lubricant

Trombones need slide lubricant to keep the slide moving. One tube should last the whole year. An instrument rental should include it, but please check to make sure you have some.

thank you!

Thank you for your interest in the band program! We are very much looking forward to teaching your children.

As always, if you have any questions, ideas or concerns please send us an email. We would love to hear from you!