Pottery By Us

Pick. Paint. FIre!

Location and Hours

Our store is located on 47 Mainstreet in Waynesboro, Pa. Our store is open Monday through Saturday from 9am-10pm.

Our Mission at Pottery By Us

Our mission is to make sure everyone has a chance to explore their creative side. We want our customers to feel secure enough in our store to open up and express themselves through art. We offer a laid back environment that helps our guests become creative!

Pottery Glazing

Our store offers the option of making your own masterpiece without the mess of clay! Come into our store and pick a pre made piece of pottery. You can then glaze your piece of pottery into your own unique creation. Each piece of pottery is 35.00 with a 3.00 added charge for each color added.

Making Pottery

Here at Pottery By Us we offer fun and exciting classes on how to make pottery. If you want to take your pottery skills to the next level then this class is for you. We teach you how to spin pottery on the wheel and how to make a vase you can paint and take home with you! The class is spaced over the course of three days and costs 50.00 per person. This includes all clay that you will use as well as the paint that you will use.

Painting Classes

Our mission is to help people be creative in a laid back environment. This means that we're more than just pottery. We teach a painting class every Wednesday night from 6pm-7:30pm. In this class you will learn about different kinds of paint, how to apply them and how to perfect your skills of painting. This class is open to all and beginners are encouraged to take this class! The class costs 65.00 per month. Other prices are available at our store.

Paintng Supplies

All of the supplies that we use in our classes are available for purchase! We sell clay, paint, paintbrushes, and many other exciting tools to create pottery. We have a wide variety that includes every color under the sun!
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Our Story

Zoe Bakner and I came to the conclusion that we both loved art and we wanted people to feel the same way. We started our company at home about a year ago and it has only grown. We opened our first location in March of 2015 and it has been amazing! Opening a real store has been so great and much more convenient than our homes. We are planning in the near future to open our second location and we could not be happier.

15 percent off your next purchase!

If you bring in our business card we will give you 15 percent off of your entire purchase!