Teachers Need Love & Style Too!

Let Me Help You Show Them The Love...

Which Would You Prefer?

It's not too late for a fun, stylish teacher's gift to arrive in time!

Hello Moms!

First, congratulations to YOU for making it through another school year! Wake ups, packing lunches, shuttling, homework, sports..it's no small feat!

The others that need the pat on the back are your kids' teachers! We all know how much even a small token of gratitude means at the end of the school year from a child's family. While every gesture is always appreciated, be it a note, a homemade lightswitch cover or whatever, the gifts that teachers can actually use or wear are certainly favorites.

I know the school year is coming to a close, but I'd love to help you take care of that teacher that's taken care of your little ones (or big ones) this year. I'm happy to upgrade shipping at no charge, if need be.

Click here to shop away or call me for expedited shipping at no extra cost (781-864-0894)


If you'd like to swing by to see the collection in person, I'll be having an Open House THIS TUESDAY, June 11 from 10-1pm and and again from 4-7pm at my house - 20 Colburn Road. All are welcome!

All orders will also be entered to win $50 in free product credit!

Love and style to you and your child(ren)'s teachers,



Kristen Weiss, Director, Stylist, Coach & Mentor

My business is still going strong after 3.5 years, thanks to the many connections my customers make for me and your continued support. Feel free to forward this flyer on to friends & family. We've only styled 1% of the women in North America and even less in the UK and Germany. We shortly will be opening in France & Italy, where I would love to continue to grow my international team. I would love to introduce Stella & Dot to your network! Something sparkly is always sent to you as a thank you for any referrals!