An Ants' Life

By: Dylan Ndwiga

Ant work together to accomplish tasks

They begin their working lives by cleaning themselves and licking each other. Ants can carry 100 times its weight. Ants plow more soil than beetles. Ants dig up more than 16 billion tons of dirt, enough to fill three billion dump trucks. Ants work together to solve problems, and they work until they die.

Ants work together to collect food

Ants eat fungus. They eat more bugs than praying mantises. Some ants connect their anthills to food sources. Ants lick larvae, so they do not dry out and feed them, so they grow. The oldest ants search for food.

Life of ants at night

Ants take 250 naps a day. Each nap lasts for one minute. Eggs and larvae rest in the night nursery. They often nest beneath a rock or log. They sleep in nests. The Earth is hot at night, that is why eggs and larvae go in they die.