Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, November 8, 2021

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"Our schools have shown how children of different ages help one another. The younger ones watch what the older ones are doing and ask all kinds of questions, and the older ones explain. This is really useful teaching, for the way that a five year old interprets and explains things is so much nearer than ours to the mind of a child of three that the little ones learns easily, whereas we would scarcely be able to get through to him. There is harmony and communication between them that is not possible between an adult and such a young child. There is a natural mental osmosis between them. A child of three is also quite capable of taking an interest in the work of a five year old, because in fact the difference in their abilities is not that great. People are concerned about whether a child of five who is always helping other children will make sufficient progress himself. But, firstly, he doesn't spend his whole time teaching, but has his own freedom and knows how to use it. Secondly, teaching really allows him to consolidate and strengthen his own knowledge, which he must analyse and use anew each time, so that he comes to see everything with greater clarity. The older child also gains from this exchange." Maria Montessori

Important Dates

November 1-30- PTA Read-A-Thon

November 10- PTA Meeting

November 11- Veteran's Day- No School!

November 15-19- Crossing Guard Appreciation Week

November 22-26- Thanksgiving Break- No School!

December 3-9- Scholastic Book Fair (More Info Coming Soon)

December 20-January 3- Winter Break

Thank you, Bobcats!

We raised $506.55 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Georgia/South Carolina during the last Donation Dress Down Day. Thank you for your support!

Veteran's Day- No School!

Thank you to all who have served in our military. There is no school on Thursday, November 11th. We will see everyone back in the building on Friday, October 12th.

PTA Meeting

The next PTA Meeting is Wednesday, November 10th, at 6:30pm. The link will be emailed to PTA members through Memberhub. If you are not yet a member, you may email Ms. Lisa (lisa.odonnell@sccpss.com) for the link to attend.

We hope to see everyone! Thank you for your support.

Directory Opt-Outs

This is a notice that if you opted out of allowing your student's directory/personal information to be shared when you filled out the Online Student Verification at the beginning of the school year, they will NOT be included in the 2021/2022 Ellis Yearbook.

This week, Ms. Lisa will be reaching out to families (via the email address listed in PowerSchool) who have opted out to confirm that you do NOT wish your student to be in the yearbook.

If you have any questions, you may email Ms. Lisa (lisa.odonnell@sccpss.com).

Brighten the Holidays of Ellis Students

**Update 11/4/2021: Thank you to everyone who has signed up to donate. We are close to our goal! See the link below to sign up if you are able.

We can help make the holidays a little bit easier for many of our Ellis families in need by providing $25 gift certificates to Target or Walmart to purchase gifts. Our goal is to collect 65 gift cards by November 19th.

Giving is easy! Please sign up through this link, then either send a card to school, marked for Ms. Rebecca, or follow the Venmo directions on the sign up page and we’ll purchase the cards in bulk.

PTA Read-A-Thon

The Charles Ellis Montessori Academy PTA is thrilled to announce that we will be sponsoring our 10th Annual Read-A-Thon for our students during the month of November.

All proceeds from the Read-A-Thon will directly support our school.This year, we will be raising funds to purchase updated Montessori Materials that will be circulated through the media center for classroom use.

Not only will the funds benefit our school, but students will also enjoy time reading (and it is something that can be done as a family). We hope the time your family spends participating in this Read-A-Thon will encourage a love of reading and time spent together supporting a good cause.

Students have received a reading log (also attached below) to track their reading and also to request pledges. Pledges/donations should be submitted to the PTA Read-A-Thon Memberhub website (http://app.memberhub.gives/4ae9be).


Any student, who raises $100 or more, will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to the Scholastic Book Fair in the media center, which will take place December 6-10, 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Lisa (lisa.odonnell@sccpss.com).

Counselor's Corner

Click here for the November edition of our School Counseling newsletter.

Please reach out if our school counseling department can be of assistance to you and your family, or if you need any resources such as the Backpack Buddies free food program. Resources are available on the School Counseling Website including a list of mental health professionals and relaxation activities.

Rebecca Burkhart, School Counselor

912-395-5470 x2


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School-Wide Grace & Courtesy Focus

The language for identifying/naming FORGIVENESS in "The Self-Awakened Child" series by Jonathan Wolff:

  • When I make a mistake and say to myself, "It's OK to make a mistake. I will try to do better the next time, " I am Forgiving myself.
  • When I make a mistake and say to someone who feels sad or angry at me for what I did, "I'm sorry. Is there something I can do to help make it right?" I am helping the other person to Forgive me.
  • When someone hurts my feelings or does something that makes me feel sad or angry, I am practicing Forgiveness when I say to them, "I felt hurt and angry by what you said and did. Maybe what you did was an accident. If I did anything that caused you to hurt my feelings, I'm sorry and I will try to do better. I hope you feel better soon." Then I let me hurt and angry feelings go away.

Congratulations, Ms. Beth!

Ellis' own, Beth Whalen, is one of five top finalists for SCCPSS Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Beth is our school academic coach who recently finished her training to be a certified Montessori coach. A Montessori coach supports the implementation of the Montessori method in our school, supporting teachers in their teaching journey. Ms. Beth also works with staff to integrate district expectations with our Montessori philosophy of teaching.

You can read more about the SCCPSS Teacher of the Year process on the SCCPSS website.

Congratulations to Ms. Beth for well-deserved recognition at the district level!

From the Clinic

Update 10/5/21: The district has provided the COVID-19 Flowchart pictured below. For future reference, you may find this image on the Nurse's page of the Ellis website.

Please note:

Nurse Chris' email address has changed to christine.oboyle@sccpss.com

If your child is (or will be) absent for any reason, please email your child's teacher AND copy Nurse Chris on the email.

If your student is classified as a "Close Contact" with someone who has COVID-19 at school, you will receive a phone call from someone on the Ellis Contact Tracing team to pick them up immediately. When you pick up your student, you will be provided with a letter from Nurse Chris outlining further instructions including when your student will be allowed to return to the building. You can view that letter template on the Nurse's page of the Ellis school website for your future reference. It is also listed in the updated Ellis Family Handbook.

Contact Information:



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Devices Brought to School Daily

If your student takes their school device home on a daily basis, PLEASE make sure that they are bringing it back to school EVERY DAY, FULLY CHARGED. Students need their devices at school for district assessments, Explorations, etc.

Students must also have their own set of earbuds/headphones. We cannot share these items among students for hygiene reasons.

If you would like your student to keep their device at school, please contact your student's teacher to arrange that.

Thank you for your help with teaching our students to be responsible for their school materials.

COVID-19 Testing Sites

**Update 9/16/2021**

See updated list attached below.

Per Dr. Levett, SCCPSS Superintendent, the area hospitals are reporting an overload of people requesting COVID-19 testing for their students to return to school. She is requesting that you choose another location to help expedite the process and relieve some of the congestion at the local hospitals.

Please see the attached PDF below for alternative COVID-19 testing sites.

Thank you for your help.

Publix Partners

Publix Partners is donating to our school, and you can help! Ellis has received over $12,000 since our partnership began many years ago. Once you add our school to your account, you never have to think about it again...win-win!

Here's how you can enroll and participate in just a few steps:

  1. Visit publix.com/partners and select our school: Charles Ellis Montessori- Savannah, GA
  2. Provide your phone number every time you check out at Publix.
  3. Publix will donate a portion of qualifying purchases to our school!

Ellis PTA

The PTA is calling all local business owners to consider investing in our school by being a PTA Business Sponsor. See attached form below. We appreciate your consideration and help spreading the word out to our community about this great opportunity

If you haven't joined the PTA yet, please do!

Joining the PTA is a small but significant way to get involved in our school and to make a difference in the lives of our Ellis community.

Click here to join or donate.


There is still a PTA Committee Chair open:

Arts Enrichment

If interested in joining a PTA committee, contact Emily Salzer (emilycsalzer@gmail.com) or Kellie Groover (kellie.groover@focuslabllc.com), PTA Co-Presidents.

If you are a parent/guardian of a new Ellis student, request to join the Ellis PTA Facebook Group to connect with us​. ​

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