Second Grade News

March 20, 2016

Events for this Week

Conference Week-I will be having conferences all week. Please refer to your scheduled time on the email I will be sending you. Many of the conferences are scheduled back to back. Please arrive promptly so everyone will have their time to talk. Each conference is 20 min. long. Please remember that students are supposed to attend the conference. If you have not returned your student's portfolio please do so ASAP.


Parent Conferences-No School for students

Friday and Monday

No School

Ask Your Child About

How can you tell if a fraction is equivalent?

What is an assembly line?

What did you ask your Pen Pal?

Supplies Needed

We are in need of tissues, glue sticks, and Scotch tape. If you would like to donate some that would be wonderful.

Please also ask you child if they are in need of crayons or glue sticks. I know several children have told me that they have lost or have run out of both. If you could replenish them that would be great!

Curriculum for the Week


  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Character Traits
  • Comparing and Contrasting towns


  • Fraction number stories
  • Comparing Fractions


  • Write a rough draft of how to piece

Social Studies

  • People who provide services
  • Careers

Math Test

Our Unit 8 math test will be on Friday, April 1st. I will send home the Math books on Tuesday, March 29th . Topics covered will include:

  • Name the fraction for the shaded part of a region (pages 184, 186 box 1, 187, 188, HLs 8.1, 8.2)

  • Name the fraction for the shaded part of a collection (page 183 box 1, HL 8.3)

  • Divide shapes into fractional parts (pages 184, 187, 188, 193, HL 8.1)

  • Shade a specified part of a region with a like denominator (page 183 box 4, 184, HLs 8.1, 8.2)

  • Shade a specified part of a collection with a like denominator (page 192 top part)

  • Shade a specified part of a region with an unlike denominator (HL 8.4)

  • Shade a specified part of a collection with an unlike denominator (pages 190 box 4, 192 try this, 201, 202 box 2, 205 box 3, 207 box 2)

  • Compare fractions (pages 182 box 6, 183 box 2, 196, 197, 203, HL 8.5, Equivalent Fractions Game, Fraction Top-It Game)

  • Solving fraction number stories (pages 183 box 3, 191, 195 box 3, 200, 206, HL 8.7)

  • Draw coins to show a money amount (pages 186 box 4, 194 box 4)


No spelling test this week or fluency homework


Home Link 8.7


Home Link 8.8

Have a wonderful Spring Break!