Granger School Weekly Newsletter

August 28-Sept. 1, 2017

Quick Reminders

Special Board Meeting Wednesday, August 30 6:30 pm-7:30 pm in High School Board Room.

It's never to late to join the Granger ISD Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The first meeting is September 25th @ 7:00pm in the school cafeteria. Any questions? Please email

Getting Ready for a New School Year

Teachers reported back to work on the 16th refreshed and ready to gear up for a new school year, utilizing all the new tools and ideas gathered through summer professional development and research.

The grounds were buzzing with various activities, everything from sidewalks being power washed, floors waxed, to a bathroom remodel. Many do not realize the amount of work involved in preparing the grounds and buildings to look their best, allowing to instill comfort and pride to all who enter. Be sure to check out the old gym too. Volunteers were very busy this summer! We appreciate you!

Schedule is a dirty word at the beginning of the year, as it tends to change as new developments and needs arise. Every effort is made to finalize plans as soon as possible. Again, probably not realized, the complexity of accomplishing this feat is worthy of an award and pounds of chocolate.

Laptops, calculators, and books, oh my!

Students in grades 8-12 will be issued a TI-84 calculator for math, science, and technology classes. If a student has one of their own, it may be used instead.

Students from grades 7-12 will each be issued a Chromebook to use at school and home for school related purposes, ushering them into the technological age of learning.

Students in 5th and 6th grade will have mobile computer labs available in classrooms.

Students Pre-K-4th also have laptops and computers to use in the classroom.

Library books for school assignments or pleasure reading are available for all grades. If a student has obligations, the student will not be able to check out a book from the library, however ebooks are always ready to roll.



Laptops: Chargers are not covered under the insurance. Please take them home, put in a designated safe area, and charge laptop every night.

Don't let anyone borrow the charger. They break it or lose it, you pay to replace it. No good for friendships or parent relationships.

As soon as you notice a problem with your laptop, or find it missing, report it to Coach Dolan, or Mrs. Griffis if Dolan is not available at the time. This is very important!

Calculators: Keep cover on when not in use to protect screen. Don't leave in backpack, then throw backpack around in classrooms, lunchroom, or bleachers during assemblies. This will damage the laptop as well!

Don't let anyone borrow your calculator. They break it or lose it, you pay for it, and this is not a conversation you want with a parent/guardian.

Don't leave it in a classroom. Someone may pick it up and keep it. You are stuck with a nasty bill.

Don't mix your issued calculator up with someone else's. At the end of the school year when you return your device, it will be a nightmare finding out you turned it in for someone else and they didn't reciprocate. It will be your responsibility to pay for yours. Ouch.

Each year since laptops were available the students have gotten better with the responsibility of caring for the items they have borrowed. Accidents happen. It is understandable. Communicate with teachers and Admin, they want to help and are proud of you for taking care of your obligations. We firmly believe the students at Granger ISD are truly remarkable.

Students Work Hard...

And need your support.

Do you know how much it means to students to see a crowd at their games, UIL events, or planned activities? Many students juggle multiple extra curricular activities, grades, and part time jobs.

Show them you are proud of them. Fill the stands at games. Attend functions such as art exhibits, One Act Play, and Band concerts. It makes a difference. It may not be spoken, but it is felt.



August 29 @ CTCS Belton F, JV, V 5:00-9:30pm

August 31@ Home Junior High vs Thorndale 5:00-7:30

Sept. 1 @ Bruceville-Eddy Varsity @ 4:30 JV/F @ 5:30

Sept. 5 @ Home vs Thorndale 5:00 F, JV, V

Sept. 9 @ Holland 1:00 F, JV, V

Sept. 12 @ Home vs Mumford Junior High Night 5:00 F, JV, V

JV Football

August 31Chilton 6:00 Home

Sept. 7 Holland 6:00 Away

Sept. 14 Riesel 7:00 Home

Sept. 21 OPEN

Sept. 28 OPEN

Oct. 5 BYE

Oct. 12 Somerville 7:00 Away

Oct. 19 Milano 7:00 Home

Oct. 26 Bremond 6:00 Away

Nov. 2 Burton 7:00 Away

Nov. 9 Snook 7:00 Home

HS Football

Sept. 1 Chilton 7:30 Away

Sept. 8 Holland 7:30 Home

Sept. 15 Riesel 7:30 Away

Sept. 22 Hubbard 7:30 Away

Sept. 29 Wortham 7:30 Home (Homecoming)

Oct. 6 BYE

Oct. 13 Somerville 7:30 Home

Oct. 20 Milano 7:30 Away

Oct. 27 Bartlett 7:30 Home

Nov. 3 Burton 7:30 Home

Nov. 10 Snook 7:30 Away

Cross Country

Sept. 2 TBA

Sept. 9 @ Liberty Hill 8:00 am

Sept. 16 @ Jarrell 8:00 am

Sept. 23 @ Rogers 8:00 am

Sept. 30 @ Cameron 8:00 am


Word of the Week

Volunteer: a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. Freely offer to do something.

Quote of the Week

"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time; they just have the heart." ~ Elizabeth Andrew

Did you know...

Volunteer opportunities are available and greatly appreciated at GISD! Can you give a little of your time to ensure success for our community and students?

Some examples:

Joining the PTO, helping with the book fair, chaperoning field trips, aiding teachers with preparing lessons and events.

Think about it and know you are appreciated!

Raising Fundraiser Awareness

Senior Class Kona Ice Sales are 9/12, 10/3, 11/7, 3/6, 4/3. All of these are the first Tuesdays.

2017 Granger Lion Football Support Shirts $13 short sleeve $15 long sleeve. Add $1.00 fro XL & up sizes. Orders due Wed. August 30th. See HS Office, Coach Brosch, or Coach Brock. Make checks payable to Granger Athletics.

Charge of the Pride Dri-fit shirt Youth XS-Adulte XL $15, 2&3XL $17 These shirts will provide your CHILD to enter game FREE & run the field before the game. Orders are due by Sept. 1st.

Cheerleaders are selling spirit ribbons, temporary spirit tattoos, Lion Pride buttons, Thunder sticks, pom poms.

The week of Sept. 29th only, cheerleaders will sell Homecoming ribbons for $2.00.

Band is selling chocolate bars.

Self Help Segment: What is the doctor talking about?

It can be confusing and frustrating after speaking with a doctor due to an illness or injury. The BioDigital Human website is a free link showing and explaining the human body. Information can be found on the purpose of the different systems, helping gain understanding and insight. It is great tool for students as well, from primary to college.

You will have to give an email and create a password, beyond this you are good to go. Give it a try, even if your only curious.

BioDigital Human Visualization Platform

The Hallway Scoop

The idea for the elementary hallways started from a conversation Ms. Guerra had with Mrs. Price. Price suggested painting the paneling. A few ideas were tossed around and they settled on lion cubs.

NAHS members worked a week and a half at the beginning of the summer and drew the lions, painted, and detailed. They came back for two days a week before school started to finish the grass.

NAHS brightened up the Elementary hallway and earned service hours by doing so. Seniors need to have a 20 service hours by the end of the year to graduate with NAHS cords.

NAHS members who worked on the mural include:

Rhiana Crowley, April Martinez, Kiara Miller, Alexis Overmyer, Jacob Peoples, Ryan Pickett, Jamie Pustejovsky, Ryan Pustejovsky, Lee Ryder, Taryn Smith, McKenna Stefek, Gracie Springfield, and Melissa Viveros.

~Submitted by Jaclyn Guerra

Interesting side note: in the beginning of the hallway, by kindergarten, the lion cubs are small and progress in size as they advance in grade levels, ending in fourth grade. Pretty cool NAHS. Pretty cool.


Our yearbook theme this year is A Second Look, which will be a retro theme.

My yearbook students thought it would be fun to include high school pictures of the faculty and staff.

Please email your pictures to me by September 1st.

Ms. Guerra
Yearbook Sponsor

Happy Birthday!


Tracy Terry 5

Sara Cooper 11


Lara Barbiaux 26

Testing Dates

Renaissance Progress Monitoring

Sept. 4-8, 2017 Reading

Sept. 11-15, 2017 Math

Oct. 23-27, 2017 Reading

Oct. 30-Nov. 3, 2017 Math

Jan. 8-12, 2018 Reading

Jan. 15-19, 2018 Math

March 5-9, 2018 Reading

March 19-23, 2018 Math

April 23-27, 2018 Reading

April 30-May 4, 2018 Math

Late/Missing Work Policy

Students are expected to turn in all assignments on the due date.

9-12 grades
Due date - on time
Late day 1 - 25 points are deducted from the grade earned
Late day 2 - a zero is assigned

7-8 grades
Due date - on time
Late day 1- 25 points are deducted from the grade earned
Late day 2 - late, no additional points deducted
Late day 3 - a zero is assigned

5-6 grades
Due date - on time
Late day 1 - 25 points are deducted from the grade earned
Late day 2 - late, no additional points deducted
Late day 3 - late, no additional points deducted
Late day 4 - A zero is assigned

Special circumstances, at the discretion of the teacher, may adjust late day (death in the family).

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Welcome Back! It will be a great year!