Hemispheric Dominance

what side of the brain do you use the most?

my hemispheric dominance is the RIGHT side of my brain!

I got 11 questions for my right brain and 8 questions for my left brain

what is hemisphericity?

Hemesphericity is the difference between the left and the right side of the brain.

hemespheric strengths

  • language
  • writing
  • math
  • discipline
  • colorful
  • creative
  • visual
  • imagination


I think that the strength in language is correct because i speak Spanish, English and i am learning american sign language


i am also not surprised that one of my strengths is imagination because i love to write and create things

why is it important to know your hemespherisity?

when you know your hemespherisity you can learn better and known what you strengths are and use them.

why am i surprised?

i am surprised that i am more right brained than left because even though i am very creative i think that i am more logical