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The Towns of Guyana

The capital of Guyana is Georgetown, while two of it's major cities are Linden and New Amsterdam, being originally owned by a Dutch colony. The picture on the right is of Georgetown.

Guyana's History (and language)

Guyana was originally a Dutch colony, but was taken over by the British. It gained independence from the United Kingdom on the 26th of May, 1966. Guyana's primary language is English.

Guyana's Geography

Guyana is between Suriname and Venezuela, and north Brazil. It is mainly rolling highlands, and low coastal plains, with parts of the south being savannahs.

The Diplomacy and Politics of Guyana

Guyana is a republic, and it's president is Donald Ramotar. Guyana has had a few disputes with Suriname over the headwaters of Courantyne.

Guyana's Economics

Guyana's main currency is the Guyanese dollar, and it's economic system is capitalism. Guyana imports manufactures, machines, petroleum, and food from mainly the U.S., Trinidad & Tobago, China, Cuba and Suriname. They export sugar, bauxite, gold, aluminum, rice, shrimp, molasses, rum, and timber from the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.


Although there are large amounts of wildlife, and natural structures like Kaieteur Falls (right), you should most likely not visit Guyana, as there are many labor and trafficking issues.