Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 19 4/20/15

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Google Classroom Updates: Posted from Google Apps update alerts Link to Google Apps update alerts (Thanks Matt Derrick for the update.)

Google Classroom allows teachers to spend less time on paperwork and more time with their students. Starting today, multiple teachers can work and collaborate in a single Classroom class. This is great for Co-Teachers. With the exception of deleting the class altogether, additional teachers can perform all of the same functions as the primary teacher, including:

  • Creating assignments and announcements
  • Viewing and grading submissions
  • Participating in comments on the class’ “stream”
  • Inviting students to the class
  • Receiving email notifications related to the class

To add a Co-Teacher, or it seems multiple teachers, simply open a section on Classroom and select “About.” This feature allows you to customize the name of your class, add a location, and most importantly, INVITE TEACHERS!

Teachers can also prep for their classes in advance, saving announcements and assignments as “drafts” and waiting to send them until they’re ready. Like in Gmail, once a new announcement or assignment is created, it will be automatically saved as a draft. Those drafts can then be accessed by multiple teachers, making it simple to collaborate on prep work.

Other New parts of Google Classroom:

  • Autosaving grades - Grades will now be autosaved as they’re entered, meaning teachers can grade assignments over multiple sessions, but still return those assignments to students all at one time.
  • Improved notifications - Teachers and students will now receive email notifications when private messages are left on assignments.

Google is constantly making improvements to Google Classroom. If you have a suggestion, please pass it on to Google or send it to one of the digital coaches and we will will pass it on.

Classroom of the Week: Miss Genevieve Mossman's 8th Grade Science classes

Biome- Public Service Announcements

The students in Miss Mossman's classes are promoting tourism to various biomes throughout the world. The students selected a favorite song, rewrote the words to the song so that it promoted their selected biomes, and then they record themselves singing their songs. The students used Audacity to record and edit their songs. The students did a great job and the songs sound amazing.