ways to stop a bleeding shave cut

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Dear Paola Medina,

My name is Melany, I am 14 years old and when I shave my legs I sometimes end up with a few cuts and the bleeding is horrible, what do you recommend for me to do when this happens again?

Dear Melany,

Thank you for coming to me for answers, i recommend you use any of these three surprising ways to stop a shave cut from bleeding. Deodorants are a good thing to put on a bleeding shave cut because most are antiperspirants which contain aluminum chloride that can in addition to shrinking sweat glands they can constrict blood vessels, and Ice cubes are also a good way to stop bleeding because the cold shrinks blood vessels, which enables a clot to form fast, and last but not least, Lip Balm; lip balm helps because smearing on a little chapstick or vaseline works like a seal, plus itll keep bigger cuts from forming unsightly scabs.

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