The World is Your Canvas

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Who are we? What are we?

We are two young entrepreneurs based in Chicago that are looking to make a difference. We have created businesses in the past that have been a success. We are looking to expand our endeavors and start a project that inspires individuals and helps non-profits.

The World is Your Canvas takes your pictures and prints them on canvas for customer's to purchase them. We take care of the majority of it, leaving you to focus on projects. The current sales method is online, but we are looking to expand this as our business expands.

How this started?

“Be the change you want to see in the world”, a quote by Gandhi, is the idea that we are trying to push with this project. By connecting the organizations that choose to be involved with the customer, we are not only raising money for important and inspirational projects, we are showing those who visit our website the opportunities that exist for them to make a difference.

What do the you (the organizations) provide?

We ask that you provide us with pictures and rights to your pictures to be printed on our canvas. If you have pictures on your website already, we can even use those! We provide everything else: the storefront, the canvas and printing, the transaction, the delivery, and the customer service.

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How do you get paid? How much do you get paid?

We will give you the money as a donation quarterly throughout the year. Each organization will receive 40% of the profits from their pictures sold. The other 60% goes into maintaining the company as well as developing the company. We see this as an opportunity to change lives, not only by donating money to organizations but to get people/customers at least thinking about taking the leap after reading about you and your organization’s accomplishments and goals. We have big ideas!

How do you get involved?

Great question! Just let us know you have interest by replying to the email. We can set up a time to talk, give you more details, and, hopefully, get you on board.

We are flexible with everything! If you have a question about start-up, implementation, or an idea of how to improve this project, let us know.

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