A&A inc stadium

This is our stadium

How it works

It uses two syringes one filled with water and a tube which connect the two syringes together and the second syringe raises and lowers the roof.the first sure he controls the fluid and applies pressure to fluid and goes through the tube and raises the other surenge.


One challenged we faced and solved was finding a good project idea and sticking with it. How we solved this problem is by looking at different videos and pictures of projects and looking at which ones we could do realistically. Another challenged we face was taping the syringes to the box in a way that it would work how we solved this was by changing the design of our project.

We felt that this project was kind of challenging and easy at the same time. We also felt that this project was fun too.

Things we would change for next time are making a bit more complex project and adding more detail.

That is all for our reflection

Kitten Kat gaming bruhhhh