Technology Units

By: Kaylie Courtois


  • A program on the app iMovie used to make trailers and/or movies.
  • The trailers can be set up in different ways to make movie, event, birthday, etc. trailers.
  • If you enjoy making trailers for movies or need a platform to make an event trailer this is what you would use.
  • We made a trailer about our family, friends, vacations and so on.
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Explain Everything

  • This is a program used to explain or present your topic.
  • You can draw out what your saying to help visualize it.
  • You can record your voice and also add pictures.
  • We picked a math problem and used the different tools to make it easy to understand.
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Haiku Deck

  • A program used to present business ideas, informational pieces, etc.
  • You can add photos and text to explain what you are talking about.
  • We used this to tell our class about our dream job.
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  • This is a program used to teach you how to make and set up codes.
  • It teaches us some of the basic skills to code.
  • We learned how to code and some of the different tips and tricks to coding.
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Career Locker

  • This is a website used to help you find out what job you want to have.
  • You are able to read and learn about different jobs.
  • There are quizzes that show you what jobs might interest you and are good for you.
  • We used a lot of these features to help us find our dream jobs and our counselor Mrs. VandenBoorgaard taught us how to use it.
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Typing Web

  • This website is used to teach you how to type properly.
  • It starts easy and gets tougher as you go.
  • We used this to help us with typing and are graded on it at the end of each quarter.
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