About The Debonarians

The Debonarians was founded in 1900 by great grandpa Seth Nevels. We are an island in the middle of pacific ocean. The type of economy we have is a market. The language we use is English. The population is about 3,500 people. The national anthem : . The government is a democracy. We trade debonairness for protection from out of state affairs, wars and anything else. We are a member of the U.N

10 Laws !


2. No Cheating on spouses.

3. No Stealing.

4.No Immaturity

5. No Tackiness

6. No Drunk Driving

7. No Shooting

8. No Littering

9. No Public Nudity

10. No Fakeness

Current Events

1. More Money is being made

2. Everybody Wears Bowties

3. Our Government us better by making smarter decisions