Communication Over Time

From Snail Mail to Satellites


We will identify the impact of scientific breakthroughs and new technology in computers on various communities.


We will identify ways in which people in communities meet their needs for communication.


We will create illustrations and timelines.
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Who does that cell phone belong to?

How would having a cell phone change the fairy tale?

Communication has changed over time.

Can methods of communication change how we live?

Vacation Communication

by Carol-Anne Hoyte

Don't go, I'll miss you too much

Promise you will stay in touch

I-M, fax, email, or text

to tell me when I'll see you next

Or just send a letter, Matt

'Scuse me, what on earth is that?

What do you think that poem means?

What does the word IMPACT mean?

Has technology had an impact on communication?
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Jigsaw Activity

Cooperative Group Work


  • Readers - Read the passage aloud to their group
  • Discussion Director - Asks the questions provided about the passage, asks new questions that come up, and guide the discussion so that all members understand the content.
  • Scribe - Takes notes and/or writes answers to the questions. These notes will be shared with the whole class. Only include the most important info.
  • Illustrator - Draws icons with the dates of each invention. These will be placed on the class timeline.
  • Spokespeople - Present the info to the whole class.

Group 1 - Mail (1775)

Group 2 - The Pony Express (1860)

Group 3 - Telegraph (1832) & Telephone (1876)

Group 4 - Radio (1896) & Television (1939)

Group 5 - Communication Today - email, cell phones (satellites)


Imagine that the Pony Express rider in the picture below took a trip in a time machine to our modern times. You meet him at your school in 2016. Write a paragraph explaining to him how communication has changed since his Pony Express days.
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