Tueday's Tech Tip!

Google Greatness: 5 Google Tricks you May Have Not Seen...

Google tools can make classrooms run more efficiently, be more effective, and even more interesting! Here are five tricks to add to your "bag of tricks."
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1. Schedule e-mails with Boomerang:

The Boomerang extension for the Google Chrome browser adds a “Send Later” button to your Gmail. If you know you want to send a follow-up e-mail later but not right now, this is perfect. Plus, send e-mail reminders to yourself. I use this for the "Tech Tips" each week.
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2. Google Connected Classrooms:

I’ve loved Google Hangouts and Skypes for a long time and really think they’re one of the most powerful uses of technology in schools. Google Connected Classrooms takes it to the next level. It schedules virtual field trips via live video (or viewable later) and broadcasts them with Hangouts on Air. Sites include the Minnesota Zoo, Birch Aquarium in California, DuPage Children’s Museum in Illinois, and Science Center of Iowa.
Virtual Field Trips - Google+

3. Drag URL to desktop

This one works magic for me. Drag the little icon next to a URL in your web browser onto your computer's desktop. It creates a shortcut icon for the site you are on. Time Saver!
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4. Instant "Participation Certificate"

If you need to provide a professional learning credits or proof of participation, this one will save you HOURS OVER THE LONG HAUL.

  • Create an evaluation survey for participants to take in a Google Form.
  • Make sure you include all the information you will need for pa participation certificate in it.
  • Open the spreadsheet for the results from the form and use the "Autocrat add-on."
  • Use Autocrat to create a document that will auto-fill each respondent's information and email it out to all of them. This one is a bit more advanced, but this tutorial video helps.

The New autoCrat: Document Merge in Google Drive

5. Make a picture "clickable" in Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a simple, flexible design tool in Google Apps. You can add text, images, lines, and more to a blank canvas. With this trick, you can make any element on a drawing clickable. Create a rectangle from shapes and change its background to transparent. Then click the link button (looks like a little chain link) and add the link to your rectangle. Make sure your rectangle is in front of the element you want to make clickable
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