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Volume 20 Issue 7 / March 4, 2020


Mr. Ronning directs the middle school band in his classroom

NMS Bands receives top division ranking at MSBOA Festival

By Mandira Sardar

On Saturday, February 29th, the NMS concert, and symphonic bands competed in the MSBOA Festival. The 7th-grade concert band played three songs, Crosswinds March, Danza de España, and Chant and Fire Ritual.

According to Mr. Ronning, the NMS band director, “The 7th-grade students really need to work on playing softer dynamics - which is challenging with a large group,” which is understandable as there are about 120 students in the band.

The 8th-grade symphonic band also performed three songs, St. Petersburg March, American Riversongs, and Jungle Dance. “The 8th-grade students need to work on a well-balanced sound and making sure every note is in tune, with a great sound,” says Mr. Ronning.

However, the two snow days didn’t help the bands. “The only reason I was concerned about the Festival was the fact that our Pre-Festival Concert was canceled on Wednesday due to the snow day. It would have been really helpful to have an extra performance to get ready for Festival,” says Mr. Ronning. “I think each band was very prepared for the Festival, it’s just making sure that everyone is focused and mentally prepared for the performance.”

But that didn’t stop both bands from receiving straight Division I ratings at the Festival, which is the highest score a band can get.

Many 8th graders were surprised with the score also after their performance. When asked about the score given, Judy Chung, an 8th-grade flutist replied, “Festival gets harder as you move on to harder levels and more skilled bands. So, I think our rating was appropriate for our performance and our skill level.”

Educators continue to debate effectiveness of final exams

By Arvind Salem

Students at NMS have to take a midterm and a final in at least one subject every year. But what is the point of midterms and finals? More importantly, are they effective?

Midterms and finals are ways to assess how well students understand concepts and if they can retain the information over a longer period of time. Midterms and finals can take many forms including written answer, multiple-choice, matching, and much more. There are a variety of ways to structure a midterm and final as long as they test what the students were supposed to learn. Midterms and finals have a variety of forms or structures, but their purpose remains the same: test student understanding and long-term retention.

One study shows that finals/midterms help in long-term retention. According to a study called The Effect of a Final Exam on Long- Term retention by Arnold Lewis Glass, Margaret Ingate and Neha Sinha (this was in the Journal of General Psychology), a group of psychology students took a test four to five months after the end of the class. For half of the items, a related question had been on the final. For the remaining half, a similar question had appeared on an earlier exam, but not the final. On the long-term retention test, the percentage correct was 79% when a related question had appeared on the final and 67% when a related question had not appeared on the final. This shows that students are more likely to remember concepts given on the final: indicating that it does help with long- term retention of information.

However, some people worry about the power of the finals/ midterms. One test shouldn’t have the power to substantially change your grade. This is because they believe your grade should be a cumulative effect of many tests and quizzes so that the final grade reflects how the student usually performs instead of how they perform on one or two tests. In addition, finals are very stressful for students who may stay up late at night trying to review. When they go to school, all of the information they spent so much time trying to cram in is forgotten because they are exhausted. Then, they don’t do as well as they could have.

Instead of having a large portion of the grade concentrated in less than a week of tests, some educators propose that the final exam be a project. This way students can really show what they understand because they are at their best and not stressed out studying. It also makes a student remember what they have learned over the whole class and make them apply it to a real-life situation. This approach, when done correctly, can test even more student understanding and long-term retention than a traditional final.

To summarize, the goal of the finals is to test long-term retention and student understanding. While it helps with long-term retention, some people argue that it doesn’t truly test student understanding. While there are many opinions regarding this topic, midterms and finals will stay at NMS for the foreseeable future.

New to Novi teacher feature

By Rebecca Borlace

Novi Middle School has had two brand-new additions this year to the teaching faculty, Miss Flynn and Miss Evo. Miss Flynn had started teaching science here at the start of the year, while Miss Evo has started teaching ELA during the second semester. We at The Paw Print were curious about what these new teachers' thoughts were regarding Novi Middle School, so here's how our interview with them went.

Miss Flynn

Do you like it in Novi?

Miss Flynn: Yes, I love it here, it's a great community.

This is your first year teaching correct?

Miss Flynn: Yes.

How do you feel being in full control of a class for the first time?

Miss Flynn: It is exciting, and definitely a learning experience. It's fun to get to do things in a way that works for me, and to try new things when I want to.

Have you had any trouble adjusting to Novi Middle School?

Miss Flynn: No, I think it's just been difficult adjusting because this is my first year teaching.

How are your students?

Miss Flynn: They are so wonderful and we have so much fun learning together. They impress me so much every day.

Have you had any problems with the curriculum?

Miss Flynn: No, I like our curriculum, and I think it offers some really cool opportunities for the students.

How has being a full-time teacher affected your personal time?

Miss Flynn: It has affected my time as I have to spend time preparing and grading because I don't have anything to go off of.

Miss Evo

How many years have you been teaching?

Miss Evo: This is my first year with my own classroom!

How do you feel about being in full control of a class for the first time?

Miss Evo: Excited! I love all of the opportunities I have, and the chance to try new ideas.

Have you had any trouble adjusting to Novi Middle School?

Miss Evo: None so far! The start time is pretty close to high school, and I've had a lot of support from others with arriving mid-year.

How are your students?

Miss Evo: Great! I've enjoyed getting to know them, and I'm excited to get to know them even more over the next few months.

Have you had any problems with the curriculum?

Miss Evo: None! Some of it's different- I taught tenth grade in the fall- but no problems :)

How has becoming a full-time teacher affected your personal time?

Miss Evo: It has taken up some time outside of school- I try to leave extra work at school but I also sometimes need extra time to go over paperwork or edit lessons I'm working on finding a good balance between work and fun!

Our new additions to the teaching faculty have made Novi Middle School even more unique. Let's all wish Miss Flynn and Miss Evo a pleasant time working here this year and for future years!

Why do we have to be here?

By Zan Malan

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had mid-winter break and a lot of snow days. It’s been awesome, and I know a lot of us have been thinking, “Why do we have to go back? Why can’t we have a few more days of freedom?” I’m totally in agreement with you there. I talked to Mrs. Osmonson, an eighth grade science teacher here at the middle school. She helped give some important information on the topic.

Mrs. Osmonson said, “Students of schools that receive state aid in Michigan are required to attend a minimum of 180 days of school and 1,098 hours of instruction.”

Many of you may know that Walled Lake Schools had the week of February 17 off (yes, the whole week), while we only had off Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Osmonson helped to explain, “Each intermediate school district can have a different calendar, and so that is why some school districts have breaks at different times and for different durations. Some districts have shorter breaks, but more breaks, while other districts have longer breaks and less of them.” Eventually they all even out because, as Mrs. Osmonson said, every school in Michigan has to have a minimum of 180 days.

So we know why different schools have different breaks,but how does the district decide when to schedule the breaks? Mrs. Osmonson continued to say, “There are many things to consider when determining other days off on the calendar. For example, the district likes to have no students or staff in the buildings on Election Day for safety reasons. The staff of the district likes to have the Wednesday or a portion of it off prior to Thanksgiving. Parents do too, because so many people travel. Sometimes, when the state adds more requirements, it makes it more challenging to have days off like we did in the past.”

The last of the snow days have arrived, with the last of the breaks following close behind. When the snow days and breaks start up again next year, I guarantee you’ll be ready to explain to others why Walled Lake has three more days than us for Mid-Winter break.

Mrs. Hickey leads the Novi Middle School orchestra

Top scores earned by the NMS Orchestra

By Audrey Wisniewski

On Saturday, February 29th, NMS’s orchestra competed at the MSBOA (Michigan Schools Band and Orchestra Association) Festival. This festival is a competition where students and their orchestra compete in front of judges for scores 5-1 (5 being the lowest score and 1 being the highest).

When the orchestra students got to Walled Lake Western High on Saturday, they headed straight to the “coatroom.” There they were in into a classroom while the orchestra teacher, Ms. Hickey, tuned all the instruments.

Once tuned, the orchestra was taken to the warm-up room. They only had about 15-20 minutes of warm-up time before they went on stage to play for judges. While the orchestra students were warming-up, some student and parent volunteers went to set up the stage. Once the stage was set up, the orchestra entered the stage and performed.

The 7th grade performed 3 pieces: Ablaze, Double trouble, and Asia Minor. The 7th grade got overall scores of 1’s (the highest score) from all three judges. The 8th graders played the pieces: Two Songs of Newfoundland, Tam Lyn, and Russian Sailors Dance. They also got all 1st division rankings from all judges.

8th grader Katie. H said about the performances, “I think both 7th and 8th grade did super well. Especially for the 8th grade, we improved a lot since last year. And both of the grades got straight 1’s so I think it was really successful.”

As the final part of the competition, the orchestra went to a separate room for sight-reading. Sight-reading is when an orchestra gets a piece of music they have never seen and a time limit of five minutes to look it over and play it to the best of their ability. The orchestra uses the S.T.A.R.S. (signatures, tempo, accidentals, rhythm and signs/symbols) method. The orchestra plays the piece for a new judge and gets a score according to how well they do. Both 7th and 8th grade got a 1st division rating for sight-reading as well.

Another student said, “I think we also did really well, but there is always more for improvement and I think we could still work on many things.”

Good job for all the orchestra students for a wonderful performance!

How Much Homework Should Students Get?

By Arvind Salem

Students in all grades get homework. While the amount of homework typically increases as a student moves on to the next grade, the purpose remains the same. Homework is meant to reinforce what is taught in class.

However, homework has many other benefits besides reinforcing class instruction. Students benefit from learning time-management and problem-solving skills. Teachers also benefit from being able to assess student progress day-by-day. Finally, parents benefit because they can understand what their child is learning and how they’re doing.

While homework is useful, excess homework has many challenges. Some of these include boredom, lack of sleep, increased stress, and less time for family and extracurricular activities. So, what is the amount of homework that allows for all of the good qualities while eliminating all of the bad ones?

According to the American Psychological Association, both the National Education Association and National Parent Teacher Association support a limit of about 10 minutes in first grade to about two hours in high school (10-minute rule) of homework. While the pace of every student differs, teachers can make an approximation based on the average student in the class. When this rule is not followed, it shows on the test scores.

For example, according to the American Psychological Association, “In a recent study of Spanish students, Rubén Fernández-Alonso, Ph.D., and colleagues found that students who were regularly assigned math and science homework scored higher on standardized tests. But when kids reported having more than 90 to 100 minutes of homework per day, scores declined.” The ten-minute rule is a good indicator of how much homework students should have every day.

In conclusion, while homework has numerous benefits, excess homework can be challenging. While the ten-minute rule is helpful, teachers are the best judge on how much homework students should be given and should monitor to make sure it is producing the benefits it is meant to.


Is online shopping really causing the Retail Apocalypse?

By Alexander Dyga

Shopping malls used to be bright, vibrant places where every storefront was filled and business was great. However, nowadays it is a rarity to walk through a mall and see every store open. In 2019 alone, more than 9,300 stores closed, marking one of the worst years ever for physical shopping. This is what the general public is calling the “Retail Apocalypse” and the most common reason for it’s happening is the growth of online shopping.

At first this explanation for the steady decline of physical store shopping seems reasonable. It’s no secret that online retail is becoming more and more popular, companies such as Amazon are a prime example of this. It only makes sense to think that as one way of shopping increases in popularity the other decreases, hence the large amounts of store closures.

But there are a lot more factors to consider, as James Cook, Director of Retail Research for the Americas, makes clear. He states, “There is a certain amount of mismanagement causing this so called retail apocalypse. Often times because of a leveraged buyout, some kind of private equity situation that saddeled them with a lot of debt.”

His claim that this retail collapse is caused by individual company mismanagement as opposed to the rise of online shopping is supported by data collected by the news source CNN. A graphic seen in their CNN 10 program for March 2, 2020, shows that Payless shoe stores alone were the source of a quarter of these 9,300 closures.

If online shopping was for a fact taking over the industry as a whole, these closures would be much more spread out, not centered around a few large (and bankrupt) companies that mismanaged their money. It's also stated in March 2nds CNN 10 production that 90 percent of purchases still take place in stores, which means that well managed companies should still have plenty of customers.

So if online shopping is not the reason for mass store closures it begs another question. Are in store shopping and cyber shopping actually bad for each other? The answer is not at all. While it used to be you either shopped in store or online, many sellers are turning towards a sort of hybrid shopping. Take Target for example, their option to purchase an item online for pick up in store helps both the website and the store sell products. In fact, it's estimated these same day in store pickups drove up to 80 percent of Target’s online growth in the 3rd quarter of 2019, and brought customers into the physical store.

So while there might be lots of buzz about the end of in store retail, it’s unlikely this will ever happen- especially if in store and cyber shopping methods can work together to sell merchandise. Maybe it would be wiser to cast away the term apocalypse and instead call it “Retail Progression.”

Wildfires: A hot topic around the world

By Eric Ma

Disregarding any sub-rock denizens, most have heard about the Australian bushfires, most likely from watching CNN 10. Fortunately, due to record rainfall, the fires have mostly subsided. This, however, means that they are out of the news, and hence out of the public eye.

Bushfires are not new. “Bushfire” is defined as “an uncontrolled fire in a bush area”. (This states the obvious.) Australia experiences a “bushfire season” approximately every June-April the following year. (Similar to how the Southeast United States experiences a “hurricane season” in the summer.) What causes each fire varies; fires can be naturally caused, but an increasing amount of fires are caused by human activity, whether that entails carelessness or arson. However, the 2019-2020 season was historically intense. Over 72,000 square miles, or an area approximately the size of the state of Washington, was burned to the ground. Estimates about the number of animals that died during the bushfires vary wildly, from 400,000 to as much as 1 billion. The flames burned down their habitats and made finding food difficult, if not impossible. Nature was not the only thing affected. The economy of Australia took a hit (especially nature-based ones like farming and tourism), and smoke made living conditions extremely uncomfortable.

But why were these fires so strong? The flames were aided by unusual dry, hot weather, which in turn were caused by global warming. As most of us know, climate change is mostly caused by emissions of various “greenhouse gases” into the atmosphere. Naturally, sunlight is reflected off of Earth’s surface and back into space. Greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and methane, absorb this heat, which prevents it from reflecting back into space. This in turn warms the planet. It’s not the fact that greenhouse gases exist that is the problem; without greenhouse gases, the planet would not be able to support liquid water. (Liquid water is the incubator of all life on Earth.) Rather, the problem lies in the sheer amount of greenhouse gases that are currently being emitted into the atmosphere.

The Australian bushfires are only the most recent in a string of record-breaking wildfires, a list that includes the famous Amazon rainforest wildfires in 2019 as well as the 2018 California wildfires. They won’t be the last. Climate change is only making weather conditions more extreme. The Earth’s atmosphere “collects, retains, and drops more water, changing weather patterns and making wet areas wetter and dry areas drier” as the planet warms. Dry conditions allow fires to start more easily, and higher wind speeds allow fires to spread more rapidly. As humans continue to burn fossil fuels to meet their energy demands, weather around the world will increase in intensity; as a result, the frequency of events like this year’s bushfire season will only increase. The next bushfire season is likely to be just as devastating, if not worse, than this year’s season.

However, it is important to know that in the end, no matter how much governments enact policies, or how many times a hashtag (like #TeamTrees or #PrayForAmazonia etc.) is shared, only individual actions matter. For example, littering once a month may seem like “no big deal,” but if everyone in New York City had that “once a month” moment, trash would accumulate in massive quantities. Each one of us has to take action to ensure something like these bushfires never happens again.

One of these top Democrats could be your next President

By Rida Salim

The presidential election is fast approaching. Although we as middle schoolers cannot vote, it is still crucial for us to know who has a shot at leading our country, their ideals, and more about what they can contribute to America. Without further adieu, let’s meet our candidates.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Mr. Biden is a former vice president who served under President Barack Obama. Biden wants to rebuild the American Middle Class, claiming they were the ones who built America, they are the average American, and are a class that has separated into The American low or high class, and want to help rebuild them. In addition, he wants to continue former President Barack Obama’s vision of better healthcare and other important issues such as bipartisanship and “America’s role as a leader on the global stage.”

Bernie Sanders

Based on an article from Britannica Encyclopedia, Bernie Sanders, current presidential candidate, is a graduate of Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago and has represented Vermont in the U.S. Senate in 2007. In his earlier days in Chicago, he took part in the civil rights movement. In addition, Mr. Sanders is a democratic socialist, and stands for reversing economic inequality to limit the power of the wealthy so there is “democratic socialism for working families, not just Wall Street, billionaires, and large corporations.” His main political issues include income inequality. He intends to attempt to increase taxes on America’s wealthy 1%, and reduce taxes on middle and lower taxes.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

Options continue to narrow for Democrat voters

By Prannav Kadhirselvan

This year, all the Democratic candidates who want to become president are competing against each other to get the chance to stand up to Donald Trump and, of course, win. Originally, the candidates were Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, Deval Patrick, John Delaney, Michael Bennet, and Tom Steyer.

In recent days, the race has narrowed to front-runners Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Bloomberg all dropped out of the Democratic race last week because they aren’t able to control big states like Texas. They, as well as former President Obama, all support the former Vice President Joe Biden.

There are many more states for the candidates to try to gain delegates prior to the Democratic National Convention. 1,991 delegates are needed in order to be the Democrat chosen to face President Trump in the national election.


Apple set to launch new products in 2020

By Nandita Talluri

Apple released many new gadgets in 2019 including several iPhones, smartwatches, and earbuds. They plan to do the same in 2020. Check out this new technology!

iPad Pro with 3-D Sensors

This new iPad is said to launch in early 2020. Apple states that it has been designed with 3-D sensors, which will create an augmented reality for the user. The 11-inch version is $799 and the 12.9-inch version is $999. They plan to release this iPad in two different colors, silver and space grey.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

The two new phones have been set to be released in September of 2020, although the company has said that it may be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Both phones will have a 3-D laser used to take pictures to provide better picture quality. The overall design of the iPhones will be similar to the iPhone 11, however it will have a larger screen.

New, Less Expensive iPhones

Apple said that in March of 2020, they plan to release the iPhone SE 2, an iPhone which is the size of the iPhone 8 and has the processor of an iPhone 11. Dubbed the “iPhone 9”, the iPhone SE is going to cost $400

New consoles excite gamers everywhere

By Aaron Zhao

Gamers everywhere are preparing for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both of them will be released in the holiday season of 2020. Many improvements have been made on both projects.


Sony is developing the PlayStation 5 and it has several new improvements. One big improvement is backward compatibility. Sony does not have the best history with backward compatibility, which is the ability to play with older titles on current generation hardware. Mark Cerny, the lead architect of the PS4 and its future successor, confirms that the PS5 will be compatible with PS4 games. Several other improvements include better quality, graphics, audio, and shorter loading time. The PS5 will include a disc drive and will have a capacity of 100 GB. The current PSVR headset will be compatible with the PS5. Sony has not yet announced what the price of this console will be but it did say that the price will be attractive to gamers.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft is developing a new console, called the Xbox Series X. Just like the PS5, the Xbox Series X will have better graphics and quality than the previous Xbox consoles. It has a superior balance of power and speed. According to Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, it has four times the processing power of an Xbox One. It will be powered by hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing, which will deliver more dynamic and realistic environments through true-to-life lighting, accurate reflections, and realistic acoustics. When compared with the PS5, the Xbox Series X is more powerful. The Xbox Series X will be Microsoft’s fastest, most powerful console ever. Microsoft has not yet announced the price, but many predict that the Xbox Series X will be at least $100 more expensive than the PS5.

Samsung takes tech giant Apple head on

By Divya Nelluri

During its Unpacked event, Samsung launched various new models of phones and other high-tech gadgets. Check them out!

Galaxy Z Flip-phone

Samsung just revealed its new Galaxy Z flip-phone. It includes a clever 1.1-inch OLED cover display that highlights notifications when the device is closed, and you can tap on them to get straight into apps once you unfold it again. You can even use this cover display as a viewfinder for the camera. This phone has ultra-thin glass on its 6.7-inch display, which folds and will last for 200,000 folds.

Samsung has also built a three-stop hinge that lets you separately use two halves of the screen when it is propped up. The Galaxy Z works much like a laptop, with a dual CAM mechanism to hold it open at a range of angles. The idea is that you can sit the phone on a flat surface and take a selfie with the camera shown on the top portion of the display, and controls on the bottom half of the screen.

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Z Flip’s hinge prevents dust from getting inside, and they have developed special fibers to keep dust out. The 6.7-inch display will automatically split into two 4-inch screens in something Samsung calls “flex mode.” Samsung is also enabling multitasking on the Galaxy Z Flip with multi-active window support, so you can drag and drop multiple apps to display at the top half and bottom half of the display. This modern flip phone costs $1,380.

Galaxy Buds

Samsung also recently introduced its new Galaxy buds to compete with Apple’s Airpods. These cost nearly $100 less than the Airpods and offer 11 hours of battery life, which is significantly longer the 5 hours that Airpods last. Samsung incorporated shortcuts for Spotify, Pandora, and Shazaam into their latest model.

The release of these new devices is causing a fight between Apple and Samsung to see who will make the most money. Samsung's new Galaxy Z flip phone and Galaxy Buds are taking on Apple’s Iphone 11 pro and Airpods. Who will win?


Dear Wildcat

By Rebecca Borlace

Dear Wildcat: I have a friend that is super nice to me but sometimes says mean things about other people behind their backs. Even though I know she isn’t trying to be mean, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable. But every time I try to stand up for my other friends, I’m too scared of losing my friendship with her and so my voice just won’t work. I have already tried to change the subject. What should I do?

-Scared Silent

Dear Scared Silent: You shouldn’t be scared! If this girl is really your friend, then she would listen to your opinion and try to understand your feelings. If you need some support, I’m sure one of your other friends would support you while you tell your friend how you feel. Stay confident, since it’s not like you're doing anything bad to your friend. You’re just trying to prevent bad from happening.


Dear Wildcat: I know that it’s a long time from now, but I’m always worrying about getting into college. I try to maintain good grades and join after school activities, and yet it doesn’t feel like I’m doing enough. What should I do?

-Paranoid Person

Dear Paranoid Person: Doing as much as you can is good, but if you overwork yourself or wear yourself out, it can affect your mental and physical health. You have many more years until college, so getting yourself stressed out now isn't necessary. And I know that you’ll get into a college that you’ll eventually end up loving, even if it's not your first choice.


Dear Wildcat: I’m not very athletic. Also, I don’t play any sports, but I don’t want to get a bad grade for PE! I’m always embarrassed for being so unathletic. What should I do?

-Pathetic Athlete

Dear Pathetic Athlete: You don’t need to be that worried about PE since most of your grade comes from tests and quizzes. And you should still be able to get good grades if you just show effort during the games and workouts. I also don’t think anyone will tease you for being unathletic...that’s just who you are. There are plenty of people who are unathletic too!

Secrets of Suess

By Zan Malan

“A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean.” (The Lorax). Many of you fell asleep as you have read (or been read) a Dr. Seuss book. Dr. Seuss’s birthday just passed on March 2, so let’s learn a little more about this beloved children's author.

Did you know that Dr. Seuss was just his pen name? His full name was Theodor Seuss Geisel. Interesting fact: Seuss actually is pronounced “soice,” rhyming with “voice.” The name is German because his mother was the daughter of a German immigrant.

On, it says, “At age 18, Geisel left home to attend Dartmouth College, where he became the editor in chief of its humor magazine, Jack-O-Lantern.” If you’ve ever read a Dr. Seuss book, then you know that it’s not your everyday book. It has crazy illustrations and wonky words, so it probably wasn’t unusual for Geisel to have worked at a humor magazine.

Also on, it says, “Geisel decided to pursue cartooning full-time. His articles and illustrations were published in numerous magazines, including LIFE and Vanity Fair.” This set him on the path for not only writing but also illustrating his colorful books!

How many books have you published? Betcha it isn’t even close to the over 60 Dr. Seuss wrote. No one is exactly sure how many he wrote, but let’s just say it's a lot. About 17 of the over 60 books Dr. Seuss wrote were made into movies, both live action and animated. One of them is a holiday favorite, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Another fun fact: when Dr. Seuss tried to publish his first book, it got rejected nearly 30 times. Even J.K. Rowling only got rejected 12 times. Talk about major “ouch,” that's a lot of rejection.

This March, as every March since March 2, 1998, we celebrate by reading books in honor of Dr. Seuss. So I encourage you to sit down with a sister, brother, or a friend and read. Take the time to honor the man who shaped many, many lives today.

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss.

Splendid stories to start your Spring

By Sudeshna Phanindra Kumar

Are you feeling really bored? Are you feeling like you could use a good book? Here are some awesome book recommendations…

Out of the Dust By Karen Hesse

Out of the Dust is about a girl named Billie Jo Kelby. She is living in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl years in the Great Depression. Billie Jo lives with her Ma (who is expecting a baby) and Daddy. Both her farm and her entire town are suffering due to dust, sweltering sun, and a lack of water. One day, she is offered a job by Arley Wanderdale, the music manager at her school. Billie Jo’s life immediately prospers! Then suddenly, something unfortunate happens when Ma mistakes a bucket of kerosene for water. Billie Jo’s life goes into flames-literally! The next few months are a disaster. Will Billie Jo find the courage she needs and get “out of the dust”?

Hurt Go Happy By Ginny Rorby

Hurt Go Happy is a book about a girl named Joey Willis. She lives with her mother, brother, and stepdad, Ray, in California. She has been deaf since the age of six, so she’s used to being left out of conversations. One day, she stumbles upon the household of Dr. Charles (Charlie) Mansell and a baby chimpanzee, named Sukari. Sukari quickly becomes Joey’s friend. Everyday, Joey finds an excuse to go see the friendly chimp. And even though her mom doesn’t want her to learn sign language, Joey slowly but surely (and secretly) begins to learn ASL and talks with Sukari. But when Charlie gets injured, what will become of Sukari? This story is really heart-warming and shows the true loyalty between friends.

The Ruby Redfort Series By Lauren Child

Ruby Redfort is a smart-alec thirteen year-old who lives with her mom, dad, a housekeeper (Hitch), and cook (Mrs. Digby), in Twinford. Ruby is no ordinary girl: she is brainy, has incredible karate skills, and a lot more. She is also a detective (with awesome code-breaking skills) for the secret detective agency, Spectrum. No one knows about this yet, except her most trusted ally-Clancy Crew. Ruby Redfort goes on many dangerous missions, most of them usually involving murderers, masterminds and other dark people. This book series is a must read; after all, “even the mundane can tell a story.”

Kenny and the Dragon By Tommy diTerlizzi

Kenneth Rabbit is a normal rabbit, except he’s not. Kenny LOVES to read books! He lives with his mom and dad in Roundbrook. One evening, when Kenny is reading, his dad comes into the room shouting, “Pack all yer things! We’re outta here! We’re moving!” Should Kenny be surprised? Yes he should, because his dad has not seen any strange, spooky creature...he has seen a dragon! When Kenny goes to see the dragon, he quickly finds out that this dragon is not normal: he loves buttercups, books and theatre more than battles! The two book-lovers quickly become best friends. But when word leaks out that there’s a dragon in Roundbrook, what should Kenny do to save his friend-before the townspeople kill Grahame?

Getting to Know Current TikTok Music

By Sanjana Lanka

Music is a necessity of life for almost all of the students at NMS. Most of the popular music is songs from TikTok. Our passing time music on the week of March 3rd was: “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa. Many kids are familiar with this song because of TikTok. Another popular song from TikTok is “My Oh My” by Camilla Cabello. If you like “Senorita” or “Havana” you should listen to this song. Some of the other popular music from TikTok are: “Falling” by Trevor Daniel, “Roxanne” by Arizona Zervas, “Say So” by Doja Cat, and “Hot Girl Bummer” by Blackbear. Be careful though because some of these songs are explicit, which means they have swear words in them.

2019 was a great year in pop music. If you haven’t already you should listen to “Talk” by Khalid. If you liked it, you should listen to the songs: “Better” & “Eleven” by Khalid. “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes is also a great song. If you liked it you should definitely listen to “Senorita” and “In My Blood” which are also by Shawn Mendes. If you liked “Wow” by Post Malone, you should listen to “Circles” or “Goodbyes” by Post Malone. “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” by Ariana Grande is an amazing song. If you liked it you should listen to: “Thank You Next” by Ariana Grande, and “Don’t Call Me Angel” by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Ray.

Shashank's Comedy Column

By Shashank Madhu

Welcome to the Paw Print Comedy Column! Here, you will find an assortment of jokes, fictional stories, and REALLY BAD (like really bad!) puns. I hope you enjoy this!

Lame Dad Jokes

-Today, we are learning about the Greek Labyrinth. I’m pretty sure this will be an a-MAZE-ing day!

-Today’s math test is really challenging. I can COUNT on you to get 100%!

Funny But Real Headlines

“We hate math, say 4 in 10, a majority of Americans”

“New study shows that breathing oxygen linked to staying alive”

“China may be using the sea to hide submarines”

“World Bank says poor people need more money”

“Northfield plans to plan strategic plan”

“Survey finds fewer deer after hunt”

Beating The System

World History Teacher: What is the best thing about Switzerland?

Smart Kid: I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

Theater Director: Why do we tell actors to “break a leg”?

Smart Kid: I mean, every play has a cast, right?

More Jokes

Three friends stranded on a deserted island find a magic lamp. Inside it is a genie who agrees to grant each friend one wish. “I want to go home,” says the first friend. The genie grants her wish. “I want to go home, too,” says the second friend. And the genie sends her back home.“I’m lonely,” says the third friend. “I sure wish my friends were back here.”

A boy read a restaurant sign that advertised fat-free French fries. “Sounds great,” said the health-conscious boy. He ordered some. He watched as the cook pulled a basket of fries from the fryer. The potatoes were dripping with oil when the cook put them into the container. “Wait a minute,” the boy said. “Those don’t look fat-free.” “Sure they are,” the cook said. “We charge only for the potatoes. The fat is free.”