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Week 35: April 27-May 1, 2020

General Announcements:

Titan Families,

As we begin digesting the fact that we will not be going back to school this year, please note that the FMSD Message about eLearning Dates and Plans are below in this document. However, we are still working on a few school specific items including the drop off and receiving of materials (dropping off library books, eLearning Packets 1&2, etc. as well as picking up your child's personal materials, medicines, etc). We are also working to plan fifth grade promotion/recognition and hope to have information out to parents by next Sunday. At this time, I can let you know that it will be a virtual celebration as we follow district guidelines. Thank you for your patience as we work on developing ways to close out this school year while being mindful of everyone's health.

Please remember that if you have questions directed to eLearning, your child's teacher is the best resource to have your questions answered.

Additionally, if your family has been negatively impacted, like many others, during this time and you are finding yourself without food or other necessities, please reach out to me through email (wagnerb@fortmillschools.org) so that we can do our best to connect you with resources which can support you.

Stay well Titan Family,


Reflections of School Closure

Click the gray button to see my reflections of our school closure.

FMSD's Message about School Closure:

In accordance with Governor McMaster’s order to close schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, the district has completed the eLearning schedule below. This schedule will carry students through to the end of the school year. As we will not be returning to school this semester, we will be asking families who have received paper packets to return completed work from the two previous packets when picking up packet three. This schedule includes a date for dropping off packet three to finish the year. Also included in the schedule are independent learning days. These days are for teachers to do planning and prepare the packet 3 materials. Students can choose the activities they wish to complete, and we have included several resources below. The work done during these independent days will not be collected or graded as part of the eLearning program. They are designed to allow students to continue to learn in an area of their choice while we prepare materials. The district eLearning FAQ can be found on the district’s website here. For information on the grading plan for the remainder of the school year please visit the grading plan page on the district’s website.

eLearning Schedule

  • April 30 Last scheduled day for part 2 of eLearning
  • May 1 Catch up day for students
  • May 4-5 Independent learning, virtual planning for teachers to print packets
  • May 6 Independent learning, packet 1 and 2 drop off at school/packet pickup for part 3 from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. (your school will provide the process for drop off and pickup)
  • May 7 Independent learning, packet 1 and 2 drop off at school/Packet pickup for part 3 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (your school will provide the process for drop off and pickup)
  • May 8 Packet and eLearning part 3 begins
  • May 25 Memorial Day Holiday (No eLearning)
  • May 28 Last day of eLearning
  • May 29 Packet 3 dropped off at school (Times to be determined)
  • June 1-4 Teacher grading
  • June 5 Teacher Workday

Ideas for independent learning days (at parent/guardian discretion – this work will not be collected):

  1. Reading daily, journaling, explore a topic of interest, explore a potential career
  2. Check out these fun DAILY activities for K-12 from Discovery Education https://den.discoveryeducation.com/participate/dailyde
  3. Virtual Field Trips from Discovery Education https://www.discoveryeducation.com/community/virtual-field-trips/
  4. ETV is showing educational content during the week https://www.scetv.org/at-home-learning
  5. Exercise, draw, paint and have fun!

Cancellation of District Events:

The closure has impacted events across our district. Schools have been required to cancel all events for the remainder of the school year including prom, sporting events and other off campus events. We understand these events are important to our students and families. It is with great sadness that we must take these measures, but it is a necessary step for the safety of our community. Many of the events this time of year are geared toward seniors in high school including, most notably, graduation. Our district is currently evaluating plans to honor our seniors and all options are being considered to properly recognize their achievements. More details on graduation plans will be announced once they are determined.

Emergency Meal Program:

The district is planning continue our emergency meal program. For information about the program along with meal delivery and pick up times and locations please visit the emergency meal program page on the district’s website. We will be updating his page as new dates are added.

Closing the School Year:

The district is working on a process for closing buildings for the school year and allowing parents to pick up remaining personal items and medications along with returning books, sports equipment, and other items. We will announce details for this process once they are determined.

We know this has been a challenging time for our families and staff. We appreciate everyone working together to continue educating students, providing meals to the community, and offering support to those in need during this unprecedented time. Our teachers and administrators will remain available to support students and families in every way possible as we close the school year. We appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication. We hope our community, state and nation will return to a sense of normalcy in the near future.

TCES Google Site

CLICK HERE for our eLearning Google Site.

Here you can find Students Lessons for each day and Other Resources.

Reminders about eLearning:

The eLearning schedule is as follows:

  1. There will be 10 days of work (this is what was agreed upon by the district). Once your child is finished with the 10 days of work, they will have time to finish/makeup any work. These 10 days of plans will last us until Thursday, April 30.
  2. Completed Packets: Students can continue to return completed work electronically to their teacher. Students completing paper assignments should keep their work until we return to school or until alternative instructions are determined.

FMSD Parent Guide to eLearning

Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

Social and Emotional Learning Support

Social Emotional Learning Support

As previously shared, our school counselors and school psychologist are regularly updating their websites with resources for parents to access to support the social and emotional needs of students during this challenging time. In addition to parent resources, there are supplemental social/emotional learning activities and read alouds for students. Also, the school counselors have added a Virtual Check In Request Form to their website that parents, teachers, and students can access to request a virtual check in from a school counselor. Please see their website for more information.

CLICK HERE to access the TCES School Counseling Program Website

CLICK HERE to access Mrs. Pickel's Place - School Psychogist Website

Kristen Motte, K-2 TCES School Counselor - MotteK@fortmillschools.org

Lacey Layne, 3-5 TCES School Counselor - LayneL@fortmillschools.org

Rachel Pickel, School Psychologist - pickelr@fortmillschools.org

Related Arts Google Site

CLICK HERE for our Related Art's Google Site filled with fun activities and information!

TCES is currently closed to the public and to our faculty and staff at this time

If you need to contact the school, call the school and leave a message and someone will return your call. For questions and concerns, please call the front office at 803-548-8282.

Your child's teacher(s) has 2 Office Hours Monday - Friday and are available for help during that time. This will be a time that you can ask questions, etc. Please email the teacher and they will respond during this time.

Virtual Spirit Week Continues this Upcoming Week

To keep the Titan spirit alive during this hiatus from school, we will continue having virtual spirit weeks: Wednesday, March 18, to April 30 (No Spirit Week during Spring Break)!!!

Please share your photos with our Tech Specialist at vidtd@fortmillschools.org so that your photos can be uploaded to our school’s facebook page!!

You can also post on Twitter and tag us @tegacaytitans. Be sure to use the hashtag #stayhomechallenge.

Big picture

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

TCES Vision:

Students, staff, and community will strive to be knowledge seekers and problem solvers in an environment that supports inquiry and risk-taking, while respecting the fundamental values and uniqueness of all individuals.

TCES Mission:

promote Teamwork

emphasize Character

challenge Excellence, and

maintain a Student-Driven focus

TCES Core Values:

  • Relationships

  • Compassion

  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Open Mindedness

Big picture