4.30.16 Weekend Update


Please consider the following opportunities this summer. Click on the highlighted link to go to the web page. The first three are not at SPS; the last two are here.

Off campus, far way...

Design Thinking and Innovation at Gould Academy

Frost Place Conference on poetry and Teaching:

EE Ford Summer Teacher’s Colloquium

And our own home-grown events:

UPENN/SPS Institute

See Lawrence if you have questions or would like to attend

Symposium on Intimacy, Empathy, and Technology

See Chad if you have questions or would like to attend


Ashley brought her classes over to the CIT and used the space in ways most of us have not yet tried: the rolling whiteboards for pair work (on opposite sides, explaining to their partner what they are doing) and the whiteboard table. Please bring your classes over to try these out as well as the large array of other options. Email Cynthia if you would like to schedule times. We look forward to seeing you!
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Please remember that the Feedback Committee recommended, and we adopted, the practice of collecting student feedback in whatever form you would like at least twice before the end of each term, and then collect student feedback in a more standardized way, by department, at the end of every term. Please notify your department head when you do these "check-ins." If you would like to use the online form developed for the OP< process you may do so by providing this link to your students: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/L98VVGM

Scott Morin will close this survey at the end of next week. Let Lawrence know if you have any questions.


Saturday, April 30: PRs corrected by noon

Monday, May 2: PRs available to students and parents

- Mid-term grades due by 3:15

Tuesday, May 3: Parents/students can view mis-term grades online

- Advisee dinners

Thursday, May 5: Advisee dinners


The University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching recently celebrated its 50th birthday. All teachers at any branch of the University of Michigan system must attend seminars at the CRLT before they can teach a class in the University system. Here is a link to their page on Active Learning which includes strategies as well as research on Active Learning, articles of explanation and suggestions, and videos of University of Michigan professors engaging their students through Active Learning practices.

Here is more on Active Learning from the Study Guides and Strategies webpage. While written for students, it defines Active Learning in a way we can certainly apply to our teaching : "Through it you can explore a set of learning experiences that can be more effective and interesting, and you can take more responsibility for your education. This is especially critical in an online environment where you may not even meet your teacher or fellow students. Begin by defining content (what to study) and establishing your objectives (what to learn). Next read! Do your research. Then build a foundation of activities that can help you learn, and communicate what you have learned. Some may not be interesting to you; some a nice fit with your preferred learning style(s)."