Middle/High School Update

Two week school closure

Zoom classes and Google Classroom

Beginning Wednesday, 9/29/2021, students must attend Zoom classes online each period. If students do not attend their Zoom classes, they will be marked absent for that period. Teachers will post the Zoom links in their google classrooms. The online schedule will match their typical daily schedule as outlined on the following page.

Food service

Foodservice will be provided.

  • We will have a school bus at the Soap Lake Post Office at 11:15 and at Lauzier Park at 11:30 for students to pick up sack meals.

  • Meals can also be picked up at the kitchen area of the middle/high school from 11:15 to 11:45.

  • Students will receive lunch for that day and breakfast for the next day.

  • If students are supposed to be in class when they are picking up their food, they just need to let their teacher know.

  • Parents can pick up meals for students.

  • We will be reminding teachers of the food pick-up times as we know this will interfere with some classes.


  • Football, volleyball, and basketball have been canceled until 10/4.

  • Cross-country has not been canceled.

  • Practices and competitions will resume on 10/4 at normal times.

Google Classroom

Middle/high school students will need to ensure they are enrolled in each teacher’s google classroom. They will follow this process:

  1. Log onto their Chromebooks. They need their Google username and password for this. If they don’t remember it, you may call the school.

  2. Pull up the school district website, then navigate to the Soap Lake Middle/High school website.

  3. Click on Meet the Teacher and find their teacher’s name.

  4. Open their teacher’s website and find the google classroom code to join the correct classroom.

  5. In Google classroom, enter the teacher’s code to join their classroom and follow the instruction there.


Students must attend zoom meetings for Homeroom and all 7 periods. Attendance will be taken each period.
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