Have You Had Enough?

Why are they so hard headed !

What is grey matter ?

  • Gray matter is made up of the cell bodies of neurons, the nerve fibers that project from them , and support cells
  • One of the features of the brain's growth in early life is that there is a early blooming of synapses, The connections between brain cells or neurons followed by pruning as the brain matures
  • As the brain develops, the fibers connecting the nerve cells are wrapped in a protein that greatly increases the speed in which they can transmit impulses from cell to cell
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Where Did I Go Wrong!?

  • Changes In the Brain take place in the context of many other factors among them, inborn traits, personal history, family, friends, community, and culture
  • Parts of the brain involved in keeping emotional, impulsive responses in check are still reaching maturity
  • Research now suggests that unchecked aggressive behavior can eventually change the brain in ways that alter serotonin levels and, perhaps, increase violent behavior