Immigration from Central America to the United States

By Caroline W.

Imigration in CA

As unauthorized cross-border migration from Mexico has declined, U.S. authorities have noticed a rise in migration from Central America through South Texas; at the same time, border deaths in the region have been on the rise. One news report cited a drug violence spillover from southern Mexico as a possible factor driving some of these migrants north.

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The Effects of Immigration

1.People from Central America are getting killed on Mexico's border because of drug problems.

2.It is getting worse for the Central Americans because they already live in poverty and when family members get killed it makes people sadder.

3.People are dying because the Immigrants don't go to Mexico's border because they have a chance of getting killed.

The Immigrants Traveling on a Train

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The Immigrants were traveling on a Trailer

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A Solution

They could ask the U.S. for more help and go a different way to the U.S.. Also they can stop going until the U.S. can help them quickly.

The Effects of the Solutions

The affects of the solutions are less people can die. Their country needs to improve so they don't want to leave. Lastly, they could put more patrols out there on Mexico's border.

Hardships in Honduras

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Leaving Cenntral America

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