Caldwell School District Update

From Superintendent Shalene French

August 10, 2020

August 10, 2020 Caldwell School Board meeting

Starting school in remote learning


Caldwell parents and staff

The spread of the virus in our community has continued to worsen. Our Board of Trustees met with health and medical officials tonight and accepted my recommendation to open in the red phase of our reopening plan.

This means students will access learning online only through at least Oct. 2. We will continually monitor the spread of the virus and will make a decision Sept. 21 on whether conditions have improved to “yellow” where we can bring students back part time.

What changed?

In mid-July when the spread of the virus grew, we changed the start of school to Aug. 27 and we began planning to open in a blended learning model or “yellow.” The spread of the virus and infection levels have continually worsened. Last week, the level was officially determined to be “red” -- substantial community spread.

What’s next?

We will open school remotely Aug. 27 following our Reopening Plan. Digital instruction will be very different from last spring’s emergency lessons. This work will be new learning, turned in, and graded. Teachers will hold office hours and be available to answer questions. Devices will be available for all K - 12 students.

We appreciate your patience. We know that many of you share our deep disappointment that the spread of the virus continues to impact our daily lives and the lives of our students.

Our dearest hope remains that prevention measures will be embraced in our community and virus levels will drop and schools can reopen their doors to serve students in person quickly.

We will have more information in the coming days about device pick up, meals, etc. before the virtual start of school Aug. 27.


Dr. N. Shalene French

Superintendent, Caldwell School District

Superintendent N. Shalene French

Committed to Caldwell School District's mission, vision, and values to ensure equity and access for all students.