Athletic Trainer

Occupational Outlook

Duties, Responsibilities, Work Hours and Schedule, Salary, and Education

An Athletic Trainer is a person that helps athletes heal and recover from injuries. They also help prevent injuries from occurring. The average salary an Athletic Trainer gets is $41,600 a year. To become an Athletic Trainer a person needs to have a bachelor's degree and, depending on what state they're in, a certificate or license. Work hours vary on school hours and how long the games are. A school that offers this major is Phoenix University in Arizona and Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Growth, Skills, and Work Location

The growth of being an Athletic Trainer is 30% which is much faster than average. Work locations vary due to the sports that are being done. Football, baseball, soccer, or lacrosse would place the trainer outside. Hockey, basketball, wrestling, and indoor track and field would place the trainer inside. Skills someone would need are good people skills, and speech skills to talk to coaches, athletes, etc.

John Glowinski