Dunn & Rowe

5th Grade


We had a great first week of school!!!!

Lunch Menu: (We do not have September yet)

  • Monday: Grilled Hamburger Creamy Chicken Alfredo w/ Breadstick Whole Wheat Fajita Chicken Wrap Spiced Green Beans Fruit & Salad Bar
  • Tuesday: Savory Salisbury Steak w/ Roll Classic Cheese Pizza Classic Pepperoni Pizza Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Fruit & Salad Bar
  • Wednesday: Beef Nachos w/ Spanish Rice Traditional Turkey & Cheese Sandwich Seasoned Chicken Tostada w/ Rice Seasoned Refried Beans Red Salas Fruit & Salad Bar


This week:

Spelling- Unit 1: Long a, Long e

Vocabulary - Unit 1: Dictionary & Thesaurus practice

Spelling & Vocabulary test on Friday! Students will be practicing with both sets of words in class. Please make sure they are also practicing at home. Both lists should be kept in the red folder.

We will review types of Fiction and Folktales. We will read "The Lion and the Mouse" and take a comprehension quiz on Friday. We will also be working throughout the week on monitoring comprehension while reading.


This week in math we will continue with Whole Number Operations. Students will take a quiz over estimating, addition, and subtraction on Tuesday. We will start multiplication (3 digit by 2 digit on Wednesday and long division with a 2 digit divisors on Thursday.

Students will begin having homework starting Monday. Homework given on Monday is due Wednesday and homework given on Wednesday is due Friday. Students are to try their best on these. There will be times that they may not know how to solve a problem, please have them try. We will go over them in class.


We will finish up Science Safety and conservation. Students will have a quiz on Tuesday. They will need to study their notes. We will begin Physical Properties of Matter on Wednesday.

Social Studies

We will be reading Week #1: The Age of Discovery. Students will learn about the New World, The Age of Discovery, and Henry Hudson. Students will have all week to read the newspaper, complete the back, and take the quiz. Student may access the newspaper and extra activities on the Studies Weekly website https://app.studiesweekly.com/online/publications