Europe Renaissance

By "Aaryan" Kothapalli, Lainey Berlin, Fallon Judd

What is Renaissance?

Renaissance in french language is called “rebirth”. This event occurred between 14th and 16th century. This was the time the continent, Europe grew. Many middle class people started to grow rich. This middle class people included artists, writers and scholars.
During the Middle Ages many people who lived in the countryside worked on the land that they got from the noblemen. In return, the people were protected by them.
As a result, city life changed towards the end of the Middle Ages. There was a small middle class population and people had more freedom than in the countryside.

The Renaissance: Was it a Thing? - Crash Course World History #22

How did it start?

It started because people became interested in the arts and poetry. For example Shakspeare was a famous figure at that time because people liked his style of writing. It was like a trend. Or as for the great and famous Leanardo Da Vinci who drew the Monalisa.

Where did it start?

Renaissance began in Italy around A.D. 1350 and spread throughout Europe until about 1600.

Why did Renaissance start in Europe?

Italy was the center of the Roman Empire and was surrounded by art and ruins in which reminding the Italians of their past. Accompanied with the environment, Italy was the wealthiest cities in the 1300s.

How did Renaissance change the world?

Renaissance didn't just affect Europe, but is also changed the whole world. It allowed middle class people to express their cultural ideas. Most of the very important art, music like the “Monalisa”, “The Prince” and others still exist now due to the renaissance. All this was possible because of the middle class artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, and Machiavelli and many others. Renaissance made people split from the Roman Catholic Church that created religious wars until today.
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Major figures resembling to the Renaissance?

Many famous figures in the Renaissance were either artist and or writers such as William Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci, Inigo Jones, and Albert Durer.

What would be the condition of the world if there was no renaissance never existed in Europe?

The essential question. Answer it if you CAN o_O