"The lawful, yet disrespectful God."


In James M. Hunt’s “The Olympians”, Zeus is the supreme ruler of the gods in Greek Mythology that shows an image that is Lawful, and disrespectful. Because of how he had affairs with other people, yet watching the world.


Zeus became the Ruler of The Gods when he and his brothers and sisters took down Cronus. And after he fought Hades and Posieden for the throne. Zeus is the god of the sky and rain,

He has had many affairs while being a god, like being with the mortal and with many other gods. But, he was able to have law on the account. So he was able to keep everything in balance.


For example, Zeus had affairs with other women (Or Goddesses) and that made them furious. (which made him disrespectful)


I need more thunderbolts


This shows how Zeus can be Lawful, by taking on villans with thunderbolts stopping them in their tracks.


By learning that Zeus is disrespectful by having affairs with women. And how he’s a lawful figure in Greek mythology. Also by helping his brothers and sisters escape Cronus’s stomach.


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