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January 2022 - Harry S Truman High School

Dates To Remember

  • January 4-6 - Keystone Winter Wave (Details pending)
  • January 13 - Begin WIDA testing for EL students
  • January 17 - MLK Day - No School & Offices closed
  • January 31 - End of the 3rd MP (anticipated moving to 2/1)

Please note that the school calendar was changed on 10/16 to create new Early Dismissal days for students on 2/9, & 3/9.

Marking Period Timelines

2nd Marking Period

  • Marking period closes: 1/31/22
  • Grades available in the portal: 2/11/22

3rd Marking Period

  • Progress reports: 3/4/22
  • Marking period closes: 4/6/22
  • Grades available in the portal: 4/22/22

4th Marking Period

  • Progress reports: 5/12/22
  • Marking period closes: 6/16/22
  • Grades available in the portal: 6/30/22


All attendance notes, trip approval requests, and other inquiries should be emailed to or call 267-599-2109 to speak with Debbie Schipilow, our attendance clerk.

Department Summaries

School Counselors

Freshman Academic and Future Planning Lesson

Our 9th graders participated in an academic and future planning lesson. The lesson included a discussion about future goals along with our grading and promotion requirements. The academic worksheet below can be used to calculate grades.

Academic Worksheet HST

Community Agency Spotlight

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Website -

This community agency provides mental health support groups and community events. See some of the support groups featured in the graphic below.

Any questions? Click here for school counselor contact information

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B-E-T (Business, Engineering, & Technology)

We're continuing to work and grow in the BET department as we're working on new, exciting projects (maybe a RoboWar competition) and innovating along the way. A big shout-out to DECA and the Business classes for reopening the student store for our Tigers on the way out the door every afternoon.


  • Ucci and Root's 12th grade classes have finished the first draft of their College/Career/Military essays. Upon returning from the holiday break, students will revise these essays, implementing the revisional feedback from their teachers.

  • Mr. Gravuer’s AP Language and Composition students, having now completed a thorough review of the exam’s argumentative essay prompt, will be delving into an examination of the exam’s rhetorical analysis essay prompt, while also reading either Farewell to Manzanar or Hiroshima. Mr. Gravuer’s 10th grade English classes, having completed and taken the assessment on characterization, will move into investigating the role of point of view in literature upon return from the break. Additionally, his 10th grade honors English class just completed evaluating excerpts from some works by Malcolm Gladwell about success and the 10,000 Hour Rule, applying it directly to a skill in the students’ own lives.

  • Mrs. Lieberman's Advanced Placement Literature and Composition students participated in a Modern Satire Poetry Contest modeled after Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. There were many talented uses of bathos, irony, and mock heroic style. The top winners, Ilayda Akbayrak and Iris Stadler, earned Barnes and Noble gift certificates. Additionally, Mrs. Lieberman's 10th graders finished reading Fallen Angels and wrote textually supported analytical essays on how characters in the novel dealt with PTSD through different coping mechanisms. They also created Google Slides presentations differentiating between theme, universal theme and main idea connected to "By Any Other Name" by Santha Rama Rao.

  • Mrs. Ursino’s American Literature 11th grade students worked on brainstorming examples for the literary term archetype. The students described archetypal characters and their common traits on the whiteboard tables in the classroom. This class activity took place after reading the story “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving which contains an archetypal character and an archetypal plot.

Health, PE, & Driver's Education

Driver Education students worked on alcohol advocacy projects that discussed the dangers of drinking and driving. Students had the option to create a podcast, a video, a poster, or a digital poster, posters can be found in the driver education room. Students are currently working on a road trip project, of a minimum of 1500 miles round trip. Students have learned how to prepare their vehicles, where they will stay, and what precautions they may need for a safe trip. Destinations included Alaska, California, Maine, Florida among others. Students prepared their presentations and presented them to their classmates.

Physical Education students have selected a new round of activities. For this round of activities, students were able to select badminton and ping pong, basketball, weight training and some periods have the option of yoga. Students enjoy challenging each other and their teachers in badminton matches. Many students have tried to beat Mr. McCourt in hopes to get an A for the course, but alas Mr. McCourt is still 26-0…26 years that is.

Health and Wellness students finished our pregnancy and childbirth unit with a test and Childbirth From the Inside Out video. When we return from our holiday break students will continue with our comprehensive sex education unit. Our next topic in the unit will be Sexually Transmitted Infections. Students will work on research projects about different types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


Reading Olympics

We have fifteen students who have joined our team this year. We discussed what was the best environment for reading and it was determined that a warm, but not too warm, quiet and comfortable environment free of distractions is the best place. Good thing the team meets in the library twice a month after school! The group spread out on the comfy chairs and read for the majority of the time. Afterwards we convened and discussed the titles over hot chocolate and donuts. Not surprising that one of our teammates was just accepted to Princeton!

M.A.C. (Music, Art, & Consumer Science)

Fine Arts:

Joshua Mangold named artist of the month BTSD Create for January 2022


Winter Choir and Band Concert performed their annual holiday concert on December 16, 2021

The concert band traveled to and performed holiday music for all 3 elementary schools in the district.

Video Production: TNN crew did their first multi-hour long live broadcast/streaming of the Faculty show including setup and breakdown.

Theater class:

Theater One

Ms. Berner and Ms. Gatte’s classes are working on Improvs and teaching their fellow classmates different games. As the marking period progresses, they will be improving their skills with improv and begin their second play before the end of the marking period.

Theatre Two

Heading into the second half of the 2nd MP, we will begin working on the play DOUBT.

Theatre Three

As we head into the second half of the marking period, we will be starting our second musical DEAR EVAN HANSEN. We will also be having a guest speaker, Damon Gillespie, from RISE and TINY PRETTY THINGS in January.

Theatre Four

We just finished our unit on MEMPHIS and we are going to be starting our next play TWILIGHT OF THE GOLDS with a guest speaker on epigenetics and DNA from CHOP.


Tickets for ROCKY went on sale 1/1/22 at 8:30pm.


We saw a great effort from our students during their Algebra I Keystone Exams and we're eager to see their results. We are continuing our work in Exact Path throughout this school year and our next Diagnostic Test is just around the corner and we can't wait to dive into that data and see how much our kids have grown in their math skills thus far. It's all about the gains!


We want to congratulate our students who showed up for their Biology Keystones last week and put forward their best effort. We have some great new materials that just arrived so we can challenge our young scientists with hands-on learning and experiments this winter. We're eager to finish this month #TigerStrong!

Social Studies

We've got a great new bulletin board hung in our hallway over the winter break and we can't wait to share the good Social Studies news. From Black History Month coming soon, to many other opportunities, we're excited to beautify our hallway and educate our students in the process. Stay tuned!

Special Education

Study Skills Spotlight

Truman offers a study skills class that is instructed by Ms Shifren and Mrs. Elder. The students are exposed to various topics and receive direct instruction. Topics include:

  1. Preparation and Organization
  2. Learning Strategies
  3. Note-Taking Strategies
  4. Research and Reference Skills
  5. Test-Taking Skills
  6. Listening and Attention Skills
  7. Transition, Citizenship and Self-Awareness
  8. Reading, Writing, and Grammar Skills
  9. Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Beyond those topics, students are supported in accessing and using I-Campus and Canvas to monitor grades and completed work. Students complete weekly grade checks and communicate via email with guardians and other staff members their individual progress.

Pictured below: Mrs. Elder & Ms. Shifren working with students.

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World Language

Happy New Year, Buon Anno Nuovo, and Próspero año nuevo! We hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday break filled with fun, family, and relaxation.

Celebrating our students: Prior to the holidays, Signora Guida’s Honors Italian 3 class raised $125 for the Salvation Army. They were able to put this money towards a child in need and purchased all of the items on his wish list.

Classroom Corner - What’s new and exciting?
Here are some upcoming topics that our teachers are looking forward to teaching in 2022. Ask your child about what is new and exciting for them in their language class:

  • Italiano

    • Italian 1 - present tense verbs

    • Italian 2 - all about technology

    • Italian 3 - all about food

    • Italian 4/5 - cultural differences between North and South of Italy

  • Español

    • Spanish 1 - Adjectives, family, present tense verb conjugations.

    • Spanish 2 - Past tense

    • Spanish 3 - The subjunctive mood

    • Honors Spanish 4/5 - Literature

    • Medical Spanish - Prescription information and the pharmacy

  • English as a Second Language

    • Goals, academic English terms, Access testing (January)

Did you know? (fun facts about one of the languages offered here at Truman High School):


  • Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

  • There are 22 countries in the world that list Spanish as an official language.

Spanish is spoken by 500 million people with a growing trend that will reach 600 million speakers by 2050.

Traffic Procedures

Please pull ALL the way up in the drop-off zone in the mornings to help us keep traffic off Green Lane. Thank you.
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