Programs in Aging Studies

Freestanding Gerontology Minor and Aging Studies Certificate

Apply Your Earned Credits to an Aging Studies Program!

Expanded career opportunities in gerontology and geriatrics are forecast in many disciplines and professions. With the credits you've just earned, you are well on your way to finishing a minor or certificate!

Application Process — Each students’ program of courses must be designed in consultation with Robert Kane, MD, Director of Graduate Studies. To arrange an advising appointment, please contact Dr. Kane's office at 612-624-1185 or via e-mail at

Gerontology Minor

The gerontology minor provides a multidisciplinary foundation in gerontology for the master’s minor (8 credits) and a more intensive preparation in aging for Ph.D. minor(12 credits) . The program of courses is tailored in advance, with consultation between the student and the director of graduate studies of the gerontology minor.
Program and course lists are online.

Aging Studies Certificate

The Aging Studies Certificate is designed for working professionals, and encompasses both classroom and online courses. This will enhance both your clinical and leadership knowledge, and will provide a clearer context for work with older clients. Get ready for a career move by gaining new skills! Find out more here.