You Lived It! Don't Forget It!

by: Leah Schwagerl

The Election of 2008

Barack Obama vs. John McCain

This election had the highest voter turnout rate in four decades. Barack Obama won the popular vote 69,297,997 to 59,597,520. He also won the electoral vote 365 to 173. The 2008 election was historical because Obama would become the United States first African American President. Joe Biden, Barack Obama's vice president, was the first Roman Catholic vice president in our presidential history. Obama

War in Afghanistan

Going into the Afghanistan War was a direct response to the 9/11 attacks. The Taliban, the ruling power in Afghanistan, were accused by the US of protecting Bin Laden. Barack Obama made the decision to delay withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan. In turn, this lengthened the US’s longest war. Obama felt that the Afghanistan security forces were not strong enough to manage the country's safety on their own.


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Effects of 9/11 Since the Attacks

Since the 9/11 attacks we have gone to war with Afghanistan and waged a strong "Anti-terrorist" military campaign thanks to President Bush. The American lexicon changed as words such as al-Qaida, Taliban, ground zero, radicalism, extremism, anthrax and the Axis of Evil entered the public's vocabulary more and more after the attacks. The Aviation and Transportation Security Act was passed just two months after the attacks. This Act implemented more stringent luggage screenings and security checks. There was a large drop in economic tourism after 9/11. This also meant that the number of Americans traveling outside the states dropped as well.

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