Test Anxiety

Help for Students

Test Anxiety does NOT have to get the best of you

All students feel some level of anxiety when it comes to taking tests, but for some students the anxiety is so intense that performance drops.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Did I prepare well for my test? Do I need extra tutorials ?
  2. Did I do test reviews?
  3. Did I cram instead of taking my time to prepare properly?

Do you have the 3 P's ?

  1. Poor me ( I never do well on tests )
  2. Poor preparation ( I don't take the time I need too do well on tests )
  3. Poor performance ( I can't seem to focus and believe I can do well )

Well you CAN change how you do on test and STOP avoiding. Face you fears and you will feel better.

You may need some help to change your feelings regarding tests . You can talk to your School Counsellor anytime regarding your fears.

WE KNOW you can overcome you fears and be successful.

You can develop 3 new P's:

1. Positivity ( you can have the attitude you need to pass )

2. Perform ( you can perform the way you want try visualizing success on your test )

3. Pass ( you can pass with flying colours/ try some of the strategies in this guide )

Watch the video below and relate it to test anxiety . For peak performance on tests we want you to be right in the middle of the arousal level where you are focused and CAN perform well..

Yerkes Dodson Optimal Arousal.wmv
Test Anxiety
This Test Does Not Define You

It''s always good to have a good laugh ... never take yourself too seriously. Watch Mr. Bean

Mr Bean Prepares for his Exam