By ; Jada Mcinnis

What is alcohol ?

alcohol is a drug. It is depressant, which slows down vital functions. In the united States the age you have to be to drink alcohol is 21. The reason is because by that age your body is fully grown, which means you can handle it. If under the age of 21 you should NOT drink. because teenagers around your age drinks out of control. which means drinking more than you can handle. Then they experience alcohol’s depressant effect. They start to feel “stupid” or lose coordination and control. That's why you shouldn't drink under age.

How it affects the body ?

How ?

What happens to your body when you drink ? it causes pain in the pancreas, diabetic danger zone, blackouts, shifty eyes, stomach distress, muscle cramps, sexual dysfunction, hard for the heart to function, major mouth problems, strange sensations, the liver takes the brunt,