DP Instructional Update

Divine Providence School Week of March 16

3/19/2020 Update

At this time, there is no update to the timing of when we will be returning to school. I hope you have been able to create lasting memories with your family! This is the time to teach them all the skills at home that they need for life..... loading and unloading a dishwasher, hand washing dishes, laundry, etc. For now, teachers will be updating the learning for your children online. Teachers have been using a variety of platforms to communicate with you about what your child needs to be working on. Even though we are not together, high-quality academics are being delivered!

Here are some updates for today:

Tomorrow would have been a day off for teachers to participate in religious professional development. For this reason, students do not have any work to complete tomorrow.

ALL students K-8 should be working on iReady. This is an important tool to keep your child learning and working on areas that they individually need help with. It is like having a teacher working with your individual child at home! Our goal is at least 45 minutes in Reading and 45 minutes in Math. We can see the amount of time each student is spending. Please make sure this is being done. Students are used to working this during their school day. We recommend that students do some work every day and not all 45 minutes at one time. The link for iReady is below. If you need your child's login, please reach out to their teacher or Mrs. LeTourneau.

The company that provides our Spanish teacher has offered some exciting resources for our students and families. See the button below.

And finally, this is EXCITING.... we are having a virtual spirit week next week! Every day we will have a theme and would like your family to participate! See below for the themes of each day and we invite you to share your picture on our Facebook page.

Please make sure you check this page often for new updates. As always, please reach out to us with any questions you have. We are doing our best to keep you informed!

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What's new? 3/18/2020

Updates to Spanish for grades 1-8 and UP Band program, found below.

How is your alternative learning going? We know that this may be difficult depending on every families uniques situation during this time. Please remember that if you have any questions you should reach out to your child's teacher. They are available from 9AM - 3PM every school day. Thursday was a half day for students and Friday was a day off. Your students can take it a little easy these days!

All work is expected to be completed! When it is handed in it will all be graded and will count toward their attendance these days. Please do not let them fall behind. This resources is great way to keep up on everything they need to complete.

We would love a picture of your child completing their alternative learning work... please send one to Mrs. LeTourneau today! lynnletourneau@archchicago.org

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Welcome to alternative learning! 3/16/2020

This week starts your child's adventure into alternative learning! Please use this page as your go to source to find out what your child should be working on as well as helpful links. We will keep it as updated as possible. Work was distributed to students last week in a variety of forms- work packets, online learning, etc.

During this time, we also recommend making this a happy, memorable time with your child. Since almost everything is shut down, any after school activities are rare! Have a family movie night (or several), cook meals together, see below for a huge list of other opportunities for you and your child of all ages!

Please note that your child should be doing at least 10 minutes per day on iReady in each subject- Reading and Math. You can contact your child's teacher or Mrs. LeTourneau for their login. Most students know their login.

Spanish Resources - NEW 3/19/2020

Online teaching and free resources for our Spanish class!

Click here to go to the login page for iReady

Grades K-8 are expected to complete 45 minutes of Reading and 45 minutes of Math each week

What you can do if you hear the words, "I'm bored!"

Student were told that they should stay home as much as possible to keep doing everything to stay healthy, but inevitably some kids will utter the words, "I'm bored!". Here's what you can do!

Grades 1-2 Spanish 3/18/2020

Please print this worksheet for completion Ms Carrasco email is lcarrasco@divineprovidenceschool.org

Grades 3-5 Spanish 3/18/2020

Please print this worksheet for completion Ms Carrasco email is lcarrasco@divineprovidenceschool.org

Grades 6-8 Spanish 3/18/2020

Please print this worksheet for completion Ms Carrasco email is lcarrasco@divineprovidenceschool.org

UP Band - From Mr. Portillo

A plan moving forward for your student's lessons while they are continuing their learning at home. Please view the video linked below where Mr. Portillo fills you in on all of the details you will need to know (transcript also available)!

UP Band Learning Link

School specific URL to have access to all the activities and resources your student will need for their lessons