By: Sydney White

Date Joined The EU

Slovakia joined the EU (European Union) the May 2004. They are not part of the founding of the EU, as you can tell by the date that they joined, the European Union was formed in 1993.

Slovakia's History

Slovakia has some of the oldest artifacts from 270,000 BCE, one of them includes Novè Mesto Nad Vàhom. Slovakia was settled by Slavic Slovaks in the 6th century. They where United polictcaly to the Moravian Empire in the 9th century.Later in 907 the Moravain Empire was captured by The Germans and Magyars and soon fell under the rule of the Hungryians until the 10th century. When the empire fell in WWI, the Slovaks quickly joined Czech and made Czehoslovakia. In 1991, the country split into to two; one being Czeh Republic, the other, Slovakia.

Slovakia's Flag

The flag is to represent a few things.The coat of arms was the arms they used with Hungry. The blue, white and red stripes are the traditional Slovic colors. The flag was so close to Russia's flag, they had to add the arms in order to stop confusion between flags

Slovakia's Location

Slovakia is in Europe and is surrounded by Poland, Czech Repeublic, and Russia.It dose have thick forested areas and some grassy plains.

Places to Visit.


Slovakia has a lot of cool places to visit, one of them includes the Devìn Castle. This castle is one of the oldest trace of the 5th century, and it's remains lie in Slovakia.


Slovakia today uses euro, but it always has not been like that. Before that, they used the Slovak Koruna. The switched to the euro in 2009.


Slovakia runs on a Parliamentary Republic. That means citizens vote for representives to rule the country.