Birth Order

How birth order affects personalities and behaviors

Only children:

Only children are typically spoiled, aggressive, bossy and often lonely. This could be because parents have more money supporting just one child. A generation ago, only 10% of families had only children, today that percentage has doubled. Often only children take longer to mature

Oldest children:

Oldest children tend to be more controlling and parent-like. Many day they often wish that they were younger because they oftentimes get stuck babysitting. They feel pressure having to set examples for their younger siblings and at times get stressed from decision making. Oldest girls are proven more likely to get pregnant at an early age. They tend to be academically motivated and end up on honor rolls, etc.
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Middle Children:

Middle children develop socially and tend to stand out more outside of the family. However, they tend to fall in with the wrong crowds at school and such. They sometimes follow the older sibling and tend to mediate during family arguments and bring peace.
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Youngest Children:

Youngest children are typically spoil, and will always be the "baby" of the family. They can be more selfish, and often receive more material items and attention than the children before them. This often causes the other children to be jealous of them. Youngest children are usually not very independent and depend on their parents or peers. The youngest often look up to their older siblings and try to follow in their footsteps