Where's Haley ?


(Weres Waldo?)

Hlloween night, three girls that are best friends whent trick or treating by there selfs. Haley was Alice in wonderland. Sidney was a mascarade girl, and Isabella was Dorthy. They went to so many houses. Suduntly they came up on to a haunted house. There were three tunules with diffrent color lights. Haley went in the first path that had neon lights. Sidney went in the one with polka dot lights. Isabella went in the 3rd one with the chevron ligts. Sidney and Isabella came out laughing and happy. Tey also came out what so suprised. Isabella and Sidney came out suprised beccuase, the qustion was were was haley? Isabella and Sidney checked again inside the tunnel that she went in. "Hey" Isabella, Yelled Sidney from the other side of the tunnel. "What?" Said, Isabella "look it's Haley" cried Sidney. Then Isabella went back to her house and got siccors. Finally she ran all the way back gave them to Sidney so she can cut her out. Then Haley jumped down from the cobwebs and Isabella, Sidney, and Haley lived happyily ever after.
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Stop finding me Find HALEY!