Flower Children/Hippies

By: Makayla Moran


Hippies made a large impact through the time of the 1960's. Hippie came from the word ''hip" which means tuned in.Hippies were tuned in throughout that time period, but at the same time they weren't. The hippies were called flower children through that time because they used flowers to communicate gentleness and love. The flowers also represented peace and happiness. The peace symbol was used to express their disapproval of the Vietnam War.

Hippies would attract much attention by walking around barefoot or in sandals. They would also wear clothing that were of unusual combinations. Hippies would typically have really long hair which they thought was an indication of freedom and to act as they will. They would walk around public proudly wearing the stuff they did. Hippies were often vegetarians and eco-friendly.

Hippies were over users of drugs which is not good especially since most of the hippies were middle aged. They used many drugs which shaped their ideas that they believed would be helpful. Hippies often admired Timothy Leary, a physiologist who preached through the use of drugs, because they were big fans of his work. Hippies had made a large impact through their time period in good and bad ways.


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Pictures of Hippies/ Flower Children

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