Touch to Thrive

The Power of Touch

"Touch is the first sense we acquire and

the secret weapon in many a successful relationship."

~ Rick Chillot

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Types of Touch

Positive Touch

Makes a person feel good and releases endorphins.

Negative Touch

Makes a person feel uncomfortable or can cause pain.

Neutral Touch

Physical connection that leaves no feeling of positive or negative.

stop touching me

"Learning how to connect to your pleasure centers is a science and an art.

Once you learn more about your pleasure centers start connecting the dots,

one brush stroke at a time."

~ Rabbi Ed Weinsburg

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Touch & Relationships

"My first realization surprised me: we hadn't identified the real problem. The core problem was that we weren't realizing sexual fulfillment in our lives. That was the real problem, and if we could learn how to live a sexually fulfilled life, even if it looked different than before, the quality of our lives would improve dramatically." (Hubiak, S. 2012)
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Hug Challenge!

Touch is a necessity of life. I challenge you to give and collect at least 12 hugs everyday!
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Created By:

Heather A. Dunivon

Sexual Health Educator


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