Beauty Pageants

Should Young children be in Beauty Pageants?


Beauty Pageant started in the 1920's.Childern Beauty Pageants started in the 1960's.Beauty Pageants usally require contestants to wear a swimsuit,Beauty dress and display a talent.Pageants can earn people prizes like money,tiaras,puppy's,Trophies, and scholarships.However all of those rewards are a small price to pay for the damage.

The Mothers pressurize there apearance to look like Barbie dolls

  • Mothers make them practice alot for pagents
  • The moms like winning but it is supposed to be for fun
  • The moms will do anything for them to win

Sexualization of children

  • Children may dress highly suggestive costumes and learn that they gain attention
  • Pagents are not just simple dress up games for children and in fact sexualize children
  • Some times little girls in pagents the wear to reavealing costumes

Children that participate in Pageants wear to much makeup

  • The younger Children cover up there true beauty
  • Alot of times they hire people to do their childrens makeup
  • Some spray tans can give you cancer
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