Solo Recital Project

Mrs. Brendel

Rigaudon by Georg Bohm

Rigaudon is a piece written in common time by Georg Bohm. It is performed in a moderato tempo, which means at a moderate, not too slow and not too fast, pace. It is a piece representative of the Baroque era (1600-1750).

About the Composer

Georg Bohm was born in 1661 in Hohenkirchen, Germany. He was an organist and composer who is known as the primary musical influence on the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Bohm served as the organist of the Johanneskirche in Luneberg for the last 35 years of his life and has written for several types of music such as chorales and harpsichord suites. Bohm died in Luneburg, Germany in 1733.

About the Performer

Mrs. Brendel is a teacher at Discovery Middle School in Fargo, North Dakota. Prior to her time at Discovery, she was the principal train whistle player for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. She received 6 honorary degrees from the Julliard School of Music for music improvisation, creation and condemnation.

Important Musical Terms

Moderato - a moderate speed

Rigaudon - a lively dance for couples

Ritardando - gradually slower

Crescendo - gradually louder


During this project, I learned how to practice a solo with a piano accompaniment, how to create a recital program and how to perform a solo for my peers. My favorite task was creating the recital program because I really liked learning about the composer.