Elegy of Kidd Kraddick

Coleman Todd

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The room goes quiet as we read the news.

The silence grew as if it was feeding off of shock.

No longer would your voice grace our ears,

Only the legacy you left would keep our memories strong

I'd grown up hearing your voice over a speaker.

Talking about news or what you'd done at some random event.

Your stories were a gateway to another place.

Around my family you made us laugh,

During a tiring morning or long day.

You were like an uncle who would call and keep spirits up.

A new place a new school.

But the same voice talking about some random company.

When everything was different you were still there,

Listening to you was like a siren bringing memories.

When all had changed you stayed.

You, Kidd Kraddick,

Who died doing what he loved.

Helping those who had it worse,

Died without a final word.

But you will still live on in the good will of those you have touched.

Bastille - Flaws (Recorded At Abbey Road)