Technology and School


Student vs. Teacher

Students were born into technology. Teachers have had to learn how to use technology. We have had to learn step by step. We our from a generation of paper and pencil and books. We are now moving into a generation of technology without paper and pencil and books. How things have changed.

Classroom use of Technology

If we are going to allow our students to use technology in everyday life, then we need to expect more from them then an essay. We need to expect our students to delve into technology and show us educators new and improved programs. We want them to use their minds to be creative and not become robots to this society. Use technology in a way that enhances the brain they were born with.

The Three T's




These are what impact classroom management the most. Are our students using their time wisely? Are they connecting to others on the web appropriately? Are they using the tools in front of them appropriately? These are very important questions for educators to ask themselves when dealing with technology in the classroom.

Furthermore, students need to be expected to be on time to class, be productive, use the internet safely, and avoid sites that are unsafe.

Teachers should always stress to their students how dangerous social media can be and the dos and donts of social media. Our #1 job is to keep our students safe!!

Staff can learn a lot from this video series. The series explains how technology began, how it has developed, how it has been used, and how it can be potentially used. It discusses the different ways technology can be good and how it can be bad. The series also discusses how teachers see technology versus how students see technology.

Teachers Role

As a teacher, I will support my students with wanting to learn new ways to use technology. My job will be to guide them in the right direction to find the information they need. I will be their technology coach. I will teach them to be safe and to make responsible choices when using technology.