The Choice

By:Daniel Hampton

Healthy Eating Habits

Your proably wondering. "Hey, how do I eat healthy"? Well I got the answer read closely because you need to read this very carefully. If you want to eat healthy you need to cut down on LIPIDS,or fats. You need healthy CELLS to have a healthy you. Now if your about to have a big race you need as many CARBOHYDRATES as you can get For the most ENERGY. And once your done with the race try to get something with plenty of PROTEIN. Because you want your NUCLEIC ACIDS  similiar to your children's, because of HEREDITY it's possible for your children to grow up healthy. Healthy children for the win. And if their children eat healthy and so on the human race might somewhat EVOLVE to more healthy people. Now back to eating healthy, your proably asking. "How fast can I get healthy"? Well it all depends on your body, see your body does somthing called HOMEOSTASIS. So it all depends on how well your body reacts to the healthy food and exercise. Now me have INTERDEPENDENCE wich means we rely on healthy food so we can be healthy. I hope you enjoyed the article and have a good time getting healthy, bye.