Chaz Ortiz

By Ty Olson

A Young Professional

Chaz was born May 5, 1994. He was introduced to his first skateboard at the age of 6 and didnt take him long to realize that was his natural talent. At the age of 13 he won the dew tour cup and went one year later.

Money Is Style!

Not Luck, But Skill

When Chaz does his tricks, he doesnt only do them one time. It takes a few times after landing them to have a variety to choose from for a video. Other professional skateboarders have problems with doing tricks more than once and might not be able to financially survive.

Chaz Currently

Chaz is making lots of videos. he is doing very well and owns his own skatepark. he made the park near home and he is a very big family person

Quote from the Pro

"I Live Everything But A Normal Life"