Raymond's Run

By Toni Cade Bambara


The main character is a good runner and they call her squeaky because she has a high pitched voice. she is known for being the fastest runner in her town. she has a rival who is also very good at running her name is Cynthia. She enters a race and starts training at a local park with with younger brother Raymond and Raymond is a VERY fast runner to. Even though he is very young he can keep up with his older sister. the day of the race they (the main character or the other runners) line up on the track. On the other side of the fence next to the track she finds her little brother running with her so she get the will power to win the race and she wins the race


Winning isn't everything but when the time is right everyone becomes a winner


The main character wants to become the best runner but many people and other things in her way and she soon starts questioning herself... and she trains to run and wins the race by training with her brother


the main characters are very interesting... the main character is very hard working so she works hard to get her goals but her brother is very supporting of his sister and he show that in the ending with him running with his sister in the big race.