3rd Grade News

Eagle Elementary - Mrs. Grant (Janurary 15 ,2016)

Animal Specialty

A half sheet paper was sent home on Thursday that communicated some important dates. Please check it out and support your child with their at home activities. Like the landmark project, we will complete all the reading, researching, notetaking, and writing at school. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Valentine's Party

Our class is in need of additional volunteers for the Valentine's Party on February 12. Please sign up on ivolunteer if you are interested.


Eagle Elementary received free subscriptions to MyOn, an online reading resource, for the rest of the year. We taped a generic login into their planners yesterday but wanted you to be aware of this great resource. The students took a placement test in December to give MyOn an idea of their Lexile number. At this time, this resource is optional and will not be a part of homework. They could use these books as their 20 minutes, yet it would need to be one book consistently read to the end. When they login, they have to type in their school before typing in the following login information.


four digit lunch pin

Animal Specialty Research Project (from last week)

The students will begin their Animal Specialty research project in quarter 3. Like the landmark project, there will be some school activities and home activities. Please see the list below.

At home activities

  1. Research and bring in 5 credible resources to school by January 22nd.
  2. Bring in a shoe box to school by March 1st.
At school activities
  1. Research and write/type an animal report
  2. Cite 5 credible resources
  3. Create a clay animal in art class
  4. Design and create a shoebox habitat for the clay animal

What we have been up to....

Readers Workshop

This week we continued our mystery book clubs. We discussed reading for clues, revising theories, suspects, and motives. We met with our book clubs and discussed plot, character motivations, and predictions. We also started working on figurative language, specifically similes and metaphors. Next week we will continue book clubs in addition to learning about alliteration, hyperbole, idiom, and onomatopoeia. They have enjoyed noticing and naming figurative language in their own books. J


THANK YOU so much for supporting your child with their Canvas assignments. I’m sure you noticed the questions are basic, yet my main goal right now is to get the students familiar with the routine of logging in, typing answers in complete sentences, rereading their work, and feeling all around independent with this type of digital assignment.

Word Study

This week we worked on Captialization, Punctuation, editting sentences, and quotations.


Most of us have finished typing our stories and have shared them with me. Next week we will start opinion writing!

Math and Science


We are almost finished with unit 5 which covers place value to the hundred-thousand and decimals to the thousandths. We’ve made a decimal booklet in class which the kids will be able to use on their tests. As of now, our math test will be on Wednesday, January 20th. I sent a study guide home yesterday with your child. If you have any questions regarding the study guide please don’t hesitate to email me and ask over the weekend.


We are finishing up our unit on light and will have a quiz towards the end of the month. I’ll send a review packet home in the middle of next week.

Key words for our light unit are shadow, absorb, reflect, and refract.

Thanks for all that you do!