Ribars Writing

By: Aaron Ribar

NHL Playoffs

The NHL playoffs are in full swing with some teams clinching spots early and others barley getting through. The #1 seeds are Anaheim Ducks, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers, and Montreal Canadians. Some teams like Montreal and Anaheim are off to sweeps. They seem to have the series off to great starts.

The rest of the teams are fighting the first few battles of the war to get to the finals and win the cup. The Stanley cup is the hardest fought for prize in all of hockey. "Individual honors and scoring championships are great, but the No. 1 goal is to win the Stanley cup." said Sydney Crosby. The cup is worth everything broken bones to losing teeth.

Spring Hockey

The spring hockey season has started. "I am pumped for this" said Sam Gustafson at the first practice. In Green Bay the hockey season really never ends during the spring there is a team called the Hornets. This season the team was hand selected by the coaches. With kids from all over the state. Everyone is ready to go and attempt to take the championship in all of the tournaments.

The team has lots of kids and some will not be able to go to tournaments because of how many kids were selected. This will mean that every practice in Green Bay will be like a tryout. With very skilled players the team will have to find chemistry. The outlook is great as long as they can work as a team. All teams will have skilled players but the team that can work the best together is going to do bring the championships home. Every team is ready for what the other team has to throw at them.

Hula Hoop

The Aquarius house is a group of students at Bay View Middle school. Houses are used to separate the students and core teachers. There are only two houses that have the same schedule. Aquarius is an 8th grade house.

Last year they were all new and needed to get to know each other. The teachers came up with a great idea for team building. They had all the students hold hands and get hula hoops to go around the circle. All of the students had different opinions on how to do it but they eventually got the hang of it it was a huge success with all of the kids working together.