Easy to use research tool for teachers and students

Signing In

  • Use the CCS iCurio link on any CCS school webpage. Do not google iCurio and sign in on the generic page. We have a CCS specific link.
  • The username and password is the same as the computer login for teachers and students. Students also have access to all of these digital resources!

Teacher Code: cabarrusteacher, change it under "Profile" to link your account to CCHS!

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iCurio Advantages

Icurio provides teachers and students with a combination of content, instruction, delivery, engagement, and professional learning and support.

icurio Advantages:

  • Vetted resources that enables students to work with teacher-provided content or their own.

  • Engaging Content that does away with the "sit and get" model in which teachers are simply delivering content. Once logged in, teachers have access to three pathways: Standards, Discover, and My Content. Content is divided by Elementary, Middle, and High School and aligned with the North Carolina State Standards.

  • Multiple Modes of Access meets the needs of diverse learners through read alouds, videos, songs, assessments and readability levels.

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Passcode Folders

A passcode folder is only accessible to those that are in your school and have the passcode. You could use this to lock resources for your students.

When you are making a passcode folder, it will give you the option to print class instructions. You can view Instructions for Students to use to access your class folder.

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Take a Look

In the district resources section, many of you already have resources there for your perfectly aligned to your content standards!

How Other CCS Teachers are Using iCurio

Three explicit examples of how we’re seeing iCurio used in classrooms effectively is:

Modified Flipped Classroom: Prior to a whole group instruction (lecture) time, teacher allows students to explore content through iCurio through the search feature. Students use headphones and take 5-10 minutes to individually explore the topic through watching videos, interactive games, or reading digital texts. This pre-activity builds student background knowledge and increases their engagement during the whole group instruction time. It is more likely that ALL students will have learned something of the desired content because the teacher has provided them choice and different learning modalities

Differentiated folders: We’ve seen teachers create specific folders for groups of students prior to the lesson. The teacher then forms groups and facilitates learning through graphic organizers and small group instruction. The folders have been differentiated through reading levels, through language (Ex: Spanish folder for Spanish speaking students), or type (Video folder, interactive folder, text folder)

Encouraging and teaching the Read Aloud feature: We’re seeing many teachers (especially SS and Science and Math) embrace the read aloud feature so that a students reading ability does not become the barrier for the student learning science, SS and math content. Students are able to learn the content more efficiently by removing the reading barrier for many of our students that are not reading on grade level.