Author-Carl Hiaasen/Number of Pages 290

Catch Phrase

Eee-ka-laro! Eee-ka--laro! Gumbo muncho eee-ka-laro


Wahoo and his father Mickey are professional animal wranglers. They take a job with a reality-TV show called Expedition Survival. Derek Badger is the star of the show and insist on only using wild animals for the show. Before Wahoo and Mickey leave for the Everglades they meet a girl named Tuna at Walmart and take her with them because she needs to hide from her father that beats her up. The TV crew hasn't even been on site for a day when Derek Badger gets chomped by a bat and goes missing at night during a storm. Then Tuna's father shows up and takes Mickey hostage after Tuna and Wahoo leave on an airboat too escape, but when they were leaving the dock their driver Link got shot. They get stranded on an island and ind Derek Badger who thinks he is a vampire. All of a sudden they hear gunshots and it turns out that Tuna's dad is on the island too with Mickey as a hostage. Tuna's dad finds Tuna and Wahoo, but when he tries to escape Link distracts him and then wahoo knocks him into the water. Then Derek comes running and bites him in his neck causing him to drop the gun. That is when Tuna grabs the gun and the helicopters find them.

Point of View

Third-Person Omniscient


The theme for Chomp is action. Is action because in the book there is animal fighting and there is a guy that has a gun and he shoots it.

Theme to my Life

The theme connects to my life because my life has a lot of action. I play three sports that have action. I play baseball, basketball, and football. I also watch movies and sports with action. That is the connection between themes in my life.